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House Life

‘People Have Spoken’: Harvard Residential Advisors Vote Against Unionization

Both prospective units of the Harvard Union of Residential Advisors voted against unionization Wednesday, ending HURA’s year-long fight — including a two-months-long public campaign — to unionize Harvard’s residential tutors, proctors, and house aides.

HURA Anti-Union Harvard Yard
House Life

Harvard Residential Advisers Allege University Administrators Engaged in Union-Busting Tactics

Harvard Union of Residential Advisors organizers allege University administrators have engaged in “captive audience meetings” and anti-union messaging through emails to tutors, proctors, and house aides ahead of HURA’s union recognition elections.

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On Campus

‘Along for the Ride’: Harvard Residential Group Faces Fractures Ahead of Union Recognition Election

Two months ago, the Harvard Union of Residential Advisors began to unionize — but even as the group has publicly sped through the recognition process, tensions have steadily built within the union.

Harvard Graduate Student Union

Harvard Graduate Union’s BDS Caucus Circulates Letter Calling for Divestment From Israel

The HGSU-UAW’s BDS Caucus circulated a letter earlier this month calling on Harvard to investigate and divest from “companies and institutions involved in the ongoing attacks in Gaza.”

Harvard Graduate Students Union Rally

Nearly 500 Graduate Students Petition Harvard to Not Restrict Emergency Fund Access

Nearly 500 members of the HGSU-UAW signed a petition calling on Harvard to not limit graduate student emergency fund eligibility, which was delivered to top administrators in Mass. Hall during a Wednesday rally.

HAW Voting at Science Center

HAW-UAW Large Unit Votes to Unionize, 93% In Favor

Non-tenure-track faculty at Harvard voted 1,094-81 to unionize under Harvard Academic Workers-United Auto Workers, the group announced Friday.

Harvard Law School - HLS
Harvard Law School

‘Make It A Union Town’: Harvard Labor Organizers Discuss Push to Unionize at HLS Event

A panel of four Harvard union leaders discussed the motivations, challenges, and successes of the growing push to unionize Harvard during an event hosted by the Labor and Employment Action Project at Harvard Law School.

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

After Months of Delay, Harvard Arboretum Workers Ratify New Contract

Arnold Arboretum workers unanimously ratified a new contract agreement with Harvard last Friday following months of months of impasse.

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Harvard Resident Tutors, Proctors File for Union Recognition

The Harvard Union of Residential Advisors — a group campaigning to unionize Harvard’s resident tutors, proctors and house-aides — filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board on Tuesday for official union recognition.

Harvard Yard from Above

Group of More Than 3,000 Harvard Faculty Files for Union Recognition

Harvard Academic Workers-United Auto Workers filed for official union recognition with the National Labor Relations Board on Friday.

Proctor Union Graphic

Harvard Proctors and Tutors Plan to Launch Unionization Push

Some Harvard residential tutors, proctors, and house aides are planning to publicly launch a campaign for unionization, an effort they have been quietly working towards since last spring.

HUWU Rally

After Unionization, Harvard Undergrads are Preparing to Bargain

Following a successful vote to unionize last October, Harvard’s Undergraduate Workers Union-UAW has begun preparing for negotiations.

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Central Administration

Interim President Garber’s Uneasy Relationship With Harvard Unions

When longtime Harvard Provost Alan M. Garber ’76 suddenly became interim president earlier this month, the powerful but largely invisible administrator was unfamiliar to most Harvard affiliates.


Bailey Plaman Steps Into Role of HGSU-UAW President

Bailey A. Plaman assumed the presidency of the Harvard Graduate Student Union-United Auto Workers late last year after former HGSU-UAW president Evan C. MacKay ‘19 stepped down to run for public office.

HGSU Protestors Demand Higher Wages

GSAS Raises Ph.D. Stipends to $50,000, Answering Grad Union Call for Living Wage

Ph.D. students in Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will be paid at least $50,000 in program stipends, increasing most stipends by more than 10 percent, GSAS Dean Emma Dench announced in an email Monday.