GSAS's Dudley House
Student Life

Up to 31 Percent of Harvard Graduate Students Report Struggles with Depression, Anxiety in Survey of Four Departments

HUHS developed the questionnaires in collaboration with students studying Earth and Planetary Sciences, Physics, Integrative Life Sciences, and Economics.

Loomis Observatory

Undergrads Spearhead Repairs to Loomis-Michael Observatory Telescope

The changes are minor, but long overdue, according to Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe President Rodrigo E. Cordova ’19.

University Hall
Sciences Division

Bloxham To Step Down as Dean of Science

Bloxham, who studies how planets generate magnetic fields, was first appointed FAS divisional dean for physical sciences in Aug. 2006.


First Sample of Solid Metallic Hydrogen Lost

A month after two Harvard physicists published results detailing the synthesis of the first-ever sample of solid metallic hydrogen, the researchers have lost the sample after trying to further analyze it.

Astrophysics Center

Astronomy Enthusiasts Over The Moon After Exoplanet Discovery

​Harvard astronomy scholars and enthusiasts say they are thrilled at the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star Trappist-1.

15 Most Interesting Seniors: Meg Panetta
Fifteen Most Interesting

Meg G. Panetta

Meg G. Panetta ’17 is a gentle soul. Her voice is very quiet. “I was a strange little kid,” she says. “I feel like most people are.”

Peter Galison
History of Science

Peter L. Galison

Galison’s teaching, like his many projects, focuses on the historical, philosophical, and ethical implications of science.

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

Written in the Stars

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin was promoted as the first woman to receive a full-time, non-female-only professorship from Harvard College.

Sciences Division

At Black Hole Talk, Stephen Hawking Draws Massive Audience

​World-famous theoretical cosmologist Stephen W. Hawking discussed the history of and recent breakthroughs in research on black holes at the inauguration of Harvard's Black Hole Initiative.

Intro Courses STEM

Covering Ground: Barriers and Entries to STEM at Harvard

Introductory courses act as both gateways and barriers into Harvard’s STEM-based concentrations, as low-level courses increasingly are tasked with catching students up to their peers.

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs

Harvard physics professor Lisa Randall ’84 recently published “Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs,” in which she posits that dark matter caused a comet impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Student Life

Out to Lunch with Aaron Slipper

Aaron A. G. Slipper ’18 shepherds us to the secret home of the Science Center's sole easy-access stapler. “This is one of the less exciting parts of the day here, but wait until we get to class,” Slipper tells us, stapling his problem set on the way to Algebraic Topology.

Integrated Science

New Intensive Integrated Life Sciences Course Launches

The course will serve as the academic equivalent of four individual courses and incorporates biology, chemistry, math, computing, and physics into a life sciences curriculum.

Cherry A. Murray

Obama Nominates Murray, Former SEAS Dean, to Energy Dept.

Before assuming her role in the administration, former School of Engineering and Applied Sciences dean Cherry Murray must secure a confirmation from the Senate.

Physics and Art
Visual Arts

Physics and Art

An interactive kinetic sculpture by Kim Bernard, a visiting Artist-in-Residence in the Physics department, shows how the laws of physics can be applied to create beautiful art forms Thursday evening at 29 Garden Street.