Nidhi Patel ’22 and Marissa G. Sumathipala ’22
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Two Harvard Seniors Awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Neuroscience concentrators Nidhi Patel ’22 and Marissa G. Sumathipala ’22 were among 23 students in the United States tapped for the 2022 Gates Cambridge Scholarship, Gates Cambridge announced in early February.


Radcliffe Fellow Discusses Animal Attachments in ‘Biology of Intimacy’ Talk

Radcliffe fellow Steven Phelps, a professor of integrative biology at the University of Texas at Austin, discussed his research on intimate attachments between animals during a presentation Wednesday afternoon.

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Harvard Researchers Find Spanking Can Harm Child Brain Development in Ways Similar to Severe Abuse

Harvard researchers found that spanking may negatively impact children’s brain development in ways similar to more severe forms of violence and abuse, according to a study published this month in the journal Child Development.

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Harvard MCB Prof. Catherine Dulac Wins 2021 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences

Harvard Molecular and Cellular Biology professor Catherine Dulac won a 2021 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, one of the most prestigious and lucrative awards in the sciences, the prize’s foundation announced Thursday.

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Harvard Professors Win Lifetime Achievement Award in Neuroscience

Catherine Dulac and Michael Greenberg have independently researched how mechanisms in the brain influence social behavior and developmental disorders.

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Professors to Examine Proposed Cognitive Science Concentration

Harvard’s Mind Brain and Behavior Interfaculty Initiative hopes to create interdisciplinary “cognitive science” undergraduate courses by 2020.

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Faculty Council Votes For New Engineering Concentration

Harvard’s Faculty Council voted in favor of a new engineering concentration and discussed proposals concerning the Neurobiology department and the Asia Center.


Ruth Hubbard, Harvard Biology Professor and Political Activist, Dies at 92

Ruth Hubbard ’45, the first woman to receive tenure as a biology professor at Harvard, passed away last Thursday at age 92 after a recent decline in her health.


Five Harvard Seniors Win Rhodes Scholarship

Five Harvard undergraduates are winners of the 2016 Rhodes Scholarship, up three from last year when two Harvard students won the award.

Incubating Ideas
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Incubating Ideas

A set of emu eggs are incubated Thursday afternoon at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The eggs are on loan from an emu farm in Gill, MA, to which the chicks will be returned after hatching.

Ice Cream at Deep Learning Talk

Ice Cream at Deep Learning Talk

Audience members enjoy ice cream in Maxwell Dworkin on Thursday afternoon before a talk by Andrew Y. Ng, co-founder of Coursera.


Hubel Remembered for Innovative Research, Dedication to Teaching

David H. Hubel, a founding member of Harvard Medical School’s neurobiology department and Nobel laureate died last Sunday.


HMS Researchers Study Blind, Sighted Cavefish To Explore Genetics of Social Behavior

Harvard Medical School researchers have identified genomic regions that contribute to schooling behavior in cavefish.

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Brian Scholl, professor of psychology, speaks about the role of fMRI in cognitive science research in the Science Center D on Thursday.

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