Massachusetts State House
Harvard in the City

Proposed Mass. Bill Would Make PILOT Payments Mandatory for Harvard, Other Institutions

The Massachusetts House is considering a bill that would make the previously optional payments which supplanted city property taxes for nonprofits such as Harvard mandatory.

Location of Proposed Drain Pipe
Harvard in the City

Harvard-Funded North Allston Drainpipe Expansion Confronts Political Challenge

As the Boston Water and Sewer Commission and Harvard proceed with the North Allston Storm Drain Extension Project — an estimated $50 million endeavor that the University has pledged to fully fund — local politicians, residents, and environmental groups have called for further investigation into its potential environmental impacts.

Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui
City Politics

With Cambridge’s Vaccine Supply Still Severely Limited, Mayor Acknowledges ‘Frustrations’ With Shortage

In an interview with The Crimson Friday, Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui acknowledged residents’ and city leaders’ “frustration” over the limited supply of Covid-19 vaccines, which has hampered city distribution efforts.

Allston SEC Construction
Harvard in the City

Sustainability, Public Space of Barry’s Corner Development Steer Discussion at Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting

The Harvard-Allston Task Force and the developers of the Harvard-owned land at 180 Western Ave. mulled the project’s public spaces and sustainability at a virtual meeting Tuesday.

Cambridge Department of Public Health
City Politics

Despite Statewide Move to Phase 4, Cambridge Will Remain in Current Reopening Phase

Cambridge will remain in Phase Three of its reopening plan despite the state’s decision to move forward to Phase Four on March 22, Cambridge Chief Public Health Officer Claude Jacob announced Monday.

State House
City Politics

Following Local Successes, Cambridge State Rep. Puts Forward Bills on Controlled Substance Reform

Massachusetts State Rep. Michael L. Connolly, a Democrat who represents parts of Cambridge and Somerville, submitted two bills in the Massachusetts House last month aimed at reforming controlled substance laws.

City Hall File Photo
City Politics

City Council Votes to Ban Tear Gas, Order Reinstating Indoor Dining Restrictions Fails

Tear gas has not been deployed in Cambridge since the 1970s, and while the Cambridge Police Department currently does not possess tear gas or authorize the use of it, the department does not explicitly ban it either.

Graduate School of Design

Here’s How the Allston Expansion Plan Got the City’s Approval

Harvard envisions big plans for its Allston property. Here is a brief synopsis of steps the University and the developers had to take to get these projects approved with the city of Boston.

Robert W. Healy Public Safety Facility

Two High-Ranking Officers Depart Cambridge Police Department Following Social Media Controversies

Two high-ranking officers have left the Cambridge Police Department in recent months after they were involved in controversial social media incidents in 2020.

City Hall File Photo
City Politics

Tension at City Hall as Council Discusses Tear Gas Ban

Several Cambridge city councilors said they were frustrated with the delayed response from the city’s legal department regarding a total tear gas ban at a Monday meeting.

Allston Construction

Developers, Local Residents Mull Layout, Sustainability, and Inclusivity of Proposed Allston Enterprise Research Campus

Developer Tishman Speyer, Harvard-Allston Task Force members, and local residents convened virtually Thursday to consider updated plans for Harvard’s proposed Enterprise Research Campus.

City Council Meeting
City Politics

Conscious of Covid-19 Variants, Cambridge Moves Forward with Vaccination and Phased Reopening

Amid Cambridge’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign and phased reopening, city officials urged the public to remain vigilant against the spread of virus variants during a Monday City Council meeting.

Cambridge Department of Public Health

First Massachusetts Case of South African Variant Detected in Cambridge

A Cambridge woman in her 20s became the first person in Massachusetts to test positive for the Covid-19 variant originally detected in South Africa, the city’s public health department announced last Thursday.

Sandel and Paulsell at First Church Fundraiser

Fundraiser for Cambridge’s Homeless Raises More Than $30,000 With Sandel, Paulsell as Guests

With Cambridge homeless shelters facing operational challenges due to Covid-19, the First Church in Cambridge raised more than $30,000 for two projects supporting unhoused residents during its annual fundraising gala Saturday night.

Police at Memorial Hall
City Politics

Cambridge Police to Retire Camouflage Uniforms, Reduce Weapon Inventory

The Cambridge Police Department will reduce its inventory of long guns and less-than-lethal weapons and will retire officers’ camouflage uniforms, the department announced Tuesday.