J Term

J Term

J-Term Journal: My Sun-Drenched Frozen Heart

I’m kind of addicted to sadness. Just the other day I was staring at the Pacific Ocean’s dirty-window sheen, discussing the futility of marriage and ambling down a beach strewn with scrappy shrubs and barely-clothed people. (No matter the weather, no matter the Ugg boots, Southern Californians always seem a little bit naked.)

Dog Sledding With Pfoho
J Term

J-Term Journal: Dog Sledding

If someone had told twelve-year old me that I would someday voluntarily join a dog sledding trip in January in Maine, I would have put down my cold medicine next to my three inhalers and wheeze-laughed until I cried. If someone had told fifteen-year-old me that I would someday voluntarily wake at 6:30 a.m. to shovel dog shit, I would have rolled over in bed and asked for ten more minutes.


University Opening Will Be Delayed Wednesday Because of Winter Storm

For the second time this year, administrators have curtailed operations in the face of a major snow storm, this time cancelling Wintersession events and Extension School classes.


On the Sixth Day of Reading Period...

The end of the semester is a stressful time, and we all need to remember to relax every now and then. Flyby is here to help! This is the sixth installment in our Seven Days of Reading Period series, inspired by "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Stay tuned for more!

College Administration

J-Term: 5 Years Out

In March 2004, Harvard’s Calendar Reform Committee released a report recommending that the Faculty of Arts and Sciences move exams to before winter break. Gone would be the days of returning to campus for final exams barely a day after the ball dropped for the new year. Instead, FAS would allow for 62 days of classes each semester, five to eight days of reading period, and eight days for exams. It was suggested the longer winter break this schedule opened up could potentially house its own mini-term.

House Life

The Year in Headlines



The Bottom of the Dog Pile

Even families have hierarchies—I mean look at the Kardashians. My family hierarchy has always been clearly defined. My mom was the boss with the wallet, my brother just bossed me around, and I was the bottom of the bucket: the chump of the family. Then we got a dog.


What You Keep

When you die, one of the first things the hospital gives your loved ones is a plastic bag with your belongings.


On the Road: Stories From J-Term

From Vietnam to New York City, the Navajo Nation to the mall, FM scattered across the globe this J-Term.


Diet Soda

The only beverage available in chemo is ginger ale, and it is diet.


El Brillante

The place does not have the glamorous, intricate interior one might expect from a European café. Rather, it features a scuffed linoleum floor, photographs of meal combos hung along the walls, and metal-topped bars that stretch the length of the narrow eatery.




The Cost Of Becoming A Real Woman

It’s day 29 of being home for winter break, and I am starting to get a taste of what it’s going to take to become a real woman living in the real world. I have high hopes of eventually being employed someday. If it happens, it will be magical.



J Term

On a Road

In the mountains behind the football stadium in Berkeley, Calif. lies a narrow dirt path that the students call Fire Trails.