datamatch 22 cover

We Fell In Love with the Datamatch Supreme Cupids And We’re Still Not Over It

To get the scoop on all things Datamatch, we sat down with Supreme Cupids Melissa W. Kwan ’22 and Katherine Y. Zhu ’23, two true professionals on romance, humor, and ~top secret algorithms~. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or still waiting to lose your Datamatch virginity, we’ve got your guide on returning fav features, new surprises, and why this kooky survey continues to be our personal favorite tradition<3

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Flyby’s Official Boston Walking Tour

Since we know you’re busy reconfiguring your schedule so you’ll be in the same section as Hot Lecture Kid, we’ve put together a quick crash course tour of Boston with *modules* you can pick and choose from. By the end of this, plus a six-month winter, you’ll be able to call yourself a true Bostonian.

Q Guide

Who Is the Q Guide For?

The Q Guide — a database including nearly 1,000 courses — is a critical resource for students selecting classes. But, for graduate students, the Q system can impact an academic career.

ridin in shopping cart

Nine Courses That You’ll Instantly Add to Your Crimson Cart From the Name Alone

With shopping week long gone (for now at least, rip) and me having no idea how to choose my classes, we’ve got to get CREATIVE here. Why add classes based on Q Guide comments, professor Q&A’s, or concentration requirements when you can conduct a professional vibe check off of their name alone? If your first week of classes goes wrong and you need some back-ups, move these up to the top of your Crimson Cart.

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I was A D-I Varsity Athlete for 50 Days. This Is My Story.

Ever seen a super fit and athletic looking person? That was me for 50 days. Sort of. Since the Novice Crew season has come to a close, here are some of the things I learned during my time as a D1 athlete.

hot choccccc

Losing My Trader Joe’s Virginity: Winter Edition

We all love the holiday season! And during this time of emotional rollercoaster riding, who doesn’t turn to the wondrous escape of holiday snacking?! Enter Trader Joe’s winter items! Horrifically, I’ve somehow spent the last twenty years of my life without ever stepping foot into the magical, life changing grocer known to its familiars as TJ’s.

Starbucks Closing

To The Harvard Square Starbucks, With Love

This is our love letter to you, the Harvard Square Starbucks. Gone but never forgotten.


What We’re Thankful For (Harvard Edition)

With Thanksgiving Break just around the corner and the end of the semester a block or two past that, we at Flyby wanted to share what this semester has made us thankful for at Harvard.

Tequila Profile

Meet Lindsay Reed, Harvard’s Tequila Tastemaker

Harvard-Yale season is here, and I know we're all looking for the latest trends to spice up the weekend (besides the constant Bumble merch!). Well look no further! Check out our profile on Harvard student Lindsay W. Reed ’23 and her very own canned tequila cocktail business to bring the fun!

Sleeping Bulldog

Flyby Tries: Masquerading as a Y*le Student

Why just *attend* The Game at Yale, when you can BECOME Yale? If you're looking to spice up your latest trip to New Haven, try masquerading as everyone's (least) favorite bulldogs. You might get booed by every other Harvard student, but it'll be worth it for the ~ruse~.

coffee flowchart

Should You Drink That Coffee at 4 a.m.?

Need to finish that essay that you left to the last minute even though you had four weeks and seventeen hours to do it? Before you jump to conclude that it’s always time to keep working in the true Harvard workaholic way, use this flowchart to let Flyby help decide your fate!

latte art

Love It, Hate It: Seasonal Drinks

Seasonal drinks are back! We have some thoughts.

Flyby Manifests: Yardfest Of Our Dreams Graphic

Flyby Manifests: The Yardfest of Our Dreams

Yardfest been letting you down a bit the past few years? Me too, even though I’ve never experienced one. However, I do know exactly what type of Yardfest I want to experience. Stay tuned for the Yardfest of all of our dreams that I better see that $50 billion put toward.

Flyby Manifests: Actual Commencements Graphic

Flyby Manifests: Actual Commencements

As we’ve come back to campus in person and braved the joys and pains of in-person classes again, truly the only thing keeping us going is that proverbial light at the end of the thesis-grind tunnel. That light is a real, not Zoom commencement full of hugs, tears, and Instagrammable grad pics. And for our dear friends from the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 who disappeared into the void, I miss you! Consider this my desperate plea for you too.

Flyby Manifests: Smooth Sailing Graphic

Flyby Manifests: Smooth Sailing

After the last few months with classes back in-person and ~relatively~ normal, there are many things to feel hopeful about when looking toward the future. Whether that be anything from having a normal sleep schedule to making it onto Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana’s instagram — join Flyby in manifesting smooth sailing from here on out.