spring is hereeee

Flyby’s Guide to Spring in Boston

Spring has arrived in Boston! For almost all of us, this is the first time we can explore t he city during this season because let’s be honest, we have been postponing outings for years. Here are Flyby’s fun suggestions to escape the Harvard bubble.


Flyby’s Countdown to Yardfest: Guide to Having a Swae-nky Time

Alright folks. We are just days away from the first Yardfest since 2019… Phew. As someone who attended the Yardfests of yore (i.e. exactly one, featuring Kiiara & Bazzi), I am wildly excited for the chance to relive some freshman year nostalgia. Sure, maybe we didn’t get Olivia Rodrigo opening plus the ultimate One Direction reunion as Flyby once manifested, but Swae Lee isn’t a bad deal either! Read on for all you need to know about this Sunday’s festivities.

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Bridgerton Season Two: Characters As Harvard Students

As of Friday, March 25, 2022, the second social season of “Bridgerton” has begun. With love webs, scandals, and new and old faces alike, there inevitably comes drama, procrastination on p-sets, and efforts to ignore Canvas notifications. This season, our most notable additions (and South Asian queens) are Kate and Edwina Sharma, the latter being the Queen’s appointed diamond. Read on to hear about what kind of Harvard student the “Bridgerton” characters would be. Tread lightly, however, as there may be spoilers ahead.


Is Mather Really as Far from the Yard as the Quad?

Ever spent time poring over life’s really important questions, namely wondering whether the Quad is actually as far from the Yard as Mather House? Wonder no further. We forced one of our writers to walk to the Quad and Mather House just to put her walking skills to the test and see which trip would take longer. Results may shock you!

remy rising

Flyby Imagines an Ideal Student Government

Abolish the UC this, referendum that. Whenever I have the misfortune of opening my inbox, there’s usually some confusing message about everyone’s favorite student government waiting for me. As someone with only the vaguest understanding of what a student government should do, I feel that I’m qualified to recommend a few suitable replacements. Hopefully at least one of these alternatives can give club sports teams some money.


Flyby’s Guide to the Oscars 2022 (AKA Flyby Tries: Becoming a Film Snob in Time for the Oscars)

Whether you’re tuning in just for the outfits, to procrastinate your psets, to see what big mistake the Academy will commit this year, or to hear “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” performed live, Flyby Blog is here to provide you with context for the night’s major contenders. After reading this, you’ll be able to impress your Film Nerd crush, seem culturally in the loop for about two days, and go nuts on Twitter until everyone forgets about the Oscars and nominations are announced next year.

Housing Day GIF

The Best Blocking Group Names from the Class of 2025

Part of the hard work of preparing for Housing Day for first-years was, of course, manifesting their favorite House, River Running, and most importantly, coming up with a blocking group name. This year’s batch were nothing short of punny, topical, risque, intellectual, and remarkably self-aware. So, here’s Flyby’s breakdown of the twelve most hilarious and creative names from the Class of 2025!

kutwk salad

An Ode to the New HUDS Salad Bar

After two weeks (but what felt like a month) of grab ‘n’ go dining, we walked back into the dhalls, hearts full and stomachs empty. We were met with a glorious sight: the New Salad Bar — and yes, it does merit capitalization, it’s that life changing. Red pickled onions, flaked parmesan, fresh olives and peppers, what more could one wish for?

housing day horoscope

Flyby’s Housing Day Horoscope

Harvard Houses are assigned in a random lottery and zodiac signs seem like arbitrarily selected categories — but they still somehow each have extremely specific vibes. So, naturally, we matched them up, 12 for 12. Check your sun, moon, and rising Houses!

new ben and jerry's

Flyby Tries: The New Harvard Square Ben & Jerry’s

Flyby writers Raymond Wu and Annette Kim test out the new Ben & Jerry’s shop that recently opened up in the Square. Is it worth it to brave the cold Cambridge weather to eat even colder ice cream? Read to find out!

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Flyby Tries: Asking Someone Out For Valentine's Day

Asking someone out is daunting. Real life is not like the movies, and I’m wimpy and don’t like “putting myself out there.” However, I overcame my mental block and committed to ask someone out, only to realize that figuring out who to ask would be, in fact, the more daunting task.

rhea's handmade valentines!

Flyby Tries: Giving Everyone in Your Class Valentine’s Day Cards

Remember back in 3rd grade when Valentine’s Day was all about delivering mini cards with candy taped to them to every single one of your classmates and not about swiping through your Instagram stories sad because you’re single? Relive the glory days by reading this piece where Flyby tried to recreate this elementary school tradition.


Flyby's Spring 2022 Valentine's Day Playlist

No matter what your relationship status may be this Valentine's Day, you deserve to listen to some good music. Ranging from head-over-heels-in-love to I-never-want-to-speak-to-you-again, this playlist has something for everyone.

daniela and friends <3

Riding the Bandwagon: Watching the Superbowl Like an Actual Sports Fan

This year I decided to buy into the mindset and watch the Super Bowl LVI as if I knew what was going on. Don’t worry, I do in fact know how football works (I’m not that much of a NARP), but I didn’t fully comprehend all of the planning and hype that goes into watching experiencing the Super Bowl in particular. Here’s what went into the night:

mcat gif

The MCAT Has Ruined my Life and the Lives of Millions of Others: Where Are They Now?

When I — a jaded Harvard pre-med, already in the second semester of my junior year — arrived at the MCAT testing center on Friday, Jan. 21 at 7:34:26 a.m., I observed an array of distraught students waiting expectantly in the check-in room.