Shuttle Service Announcement

You may have noticed that on Saturday, May 7, there were shuttles running even in the early morning. The reason behind this? Finals. The Harvard University shuttle service has extended its hours for the final day of exams as well, which falls on May 14, a Saturday.


Studying Can Actually Kill You

To avoid the unfortunate fate of death by studying, keep these simple tips in mind.


How Busy Is Lamont?

As each semester draws to a close, crowds descend on Lamont Library. Students camp out at wooden tables and in armchairs, slowly transforming into the bleary-eyed and smelly beast known as the Lamonster.

Student Life

Final Exam Schedule Posted

Snow may still be falling, but the Registrar's Office is looking ahead to the warmer days of exam week. If you want to buy plane tickets or are eager to count down the days to your first day of post-exam freedom, check out the final exam schedule here.



Adams Examer Slammer
House Life

A Slammin' End of Exams

In the midst of final exams and culminating projects last week, George Zisiadis ’11 saw a problem—finishing an exam or a final paper was surprisingly anticlimactic.



Reading Period

Stop Surfin' Start Studyin'

While you may have been enjoying our tips on procrastination, Reading Period is officially over and it’s time to start working. Can’t pry your eyes from Facebook? Unable to stop sparking possible love interests? Addicted to HarvardFML? With impending three-hour exams and take-home finals fast approaching, FlyBy has compiled a list of the best sites that can help you keep focused.

On Campus

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Study Spots

Thanks to the Internet, there are infinite ways to procrastinate while studying in your room.

Dean Hammonds Brings Free Burritos to Lamont
College Administration

Dean Hammonds Brings Burritos to Late-Night Studiers

We first wrote about a certain burrito-bearing dean around this time last year, when Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds surprised students studying in Lamont with free burritos.


Exams Circa 1860

Have you ever wondered what Harvard exams were like centuries ago? Though one might expect that these exams have been lost to the ages, they have, in fact, been collected in the depths of Pusey Library. In order to uncover the sort of questions Harvard students had to answer as they sat for exams in the past, this Flyby correspondent ventured into the Harvard University Archives, looked through exams dating back to around 150 years ago, and compiled some of the more interesting questions below.