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Olivia M. Tai

For FGLI Students, the Complicated Calculus Behind Gapping

Taking time off is a hard decision to make, one that requires some deprogramming of the addiction to ladder-climbing that got us into Harvard in the first place — but for those who choose to take the leap, it’s an invaluable opportunity to reflect and reevaluate. But what about those who are never given the choice in the first place?

Logan Ury Portrait

How Not to Die Alone, According to Relationship Expert Logan Ury

This counterintuitive revelation — that the road to love can be paved with scientific rationality — is the foundation of Ury’s book, as well as her career more broadly.

Curlers in Action
The Scoop

Fist-Bumping and Broom-Stacking: FM Learns to Curl

Curling, we learn, is a lot like bowling, except more complicated, played in teams, and on ice.

A squirrel towers over its square of pavement.
Around Town

Where the Wild Things Are: The Urban Ecology of Harvard Square

To the squirrels, turkeys, and geese that make their homes here, we are mere guests for four years. FM set out to honor our gracious hosts by investigating their history and capturing their daily life. While doing so, we uncovered some pretty neat stuff.

Lisa J. van der Sluijs Hike
The Scoop

‘This opened the world up for me’: Harvard Women on the Rewards of Solo Travel

Now, looking back, she says of her trip: “I think it opened the world up for me.”

Be Real!

How Real is BeReal?

The first time one of my friends tried to sell me on BeReal, I balked. A mandatory photo of my face at an unpredictable time each day?

River'd :(

Mom, I Just Got River'd

I know, I know — it used to be different. Back when you were here, everyone wanted to get river’d. But this isn’t the ’90s: Now, the Quad is the place to be.

Benjamin Bolger

Benjamin Bolger Has No Post-Graduation Plans

“Other people might read a magazine article in The Economist,” Bolger says. “Maybe I'll do a master’s degree instead on the topic.”

David Foster

How David Foster Grew the Harvard Forest to New Heights

The forest, Foster says, “is one of those kinds of resources that no other university has, so it’s something that Harvard should really cherish.”

Pan Coronavirus Vaccine
The Scoop

A Vaccine for the Next Pandemic

Many researchers are trying to develop an entirely different type of vaccine — a universal one. A pan-coronavirus vaccine would protect against strains of Covid-19, a future strain of SARS-CoV-3, or even a new coronavirus that might not yet have jumped from animals to humans.

Talia Endpaper 5

Bad Plant Mom

Plenty of people kill their plants, but I shouldn’t be one of them. Plants motivate much of my art and writing; I’m taking a plant biology course and researching forests for my thesis. There’s an embarrassing dissonance between how much I care about plants and how little I manage to take care of them.

Emo Night Karaoke 1
Around Town

For One Song and One Song Only, You Too Can Be a Rockstar

Once you enter the sea of Truly and Bud Light cans in the basement of The Middle East, the appeal of ENK becomes clear. This is Emo Night Karaoke, the traveling concert that supplies live instrumentals for a “total nightlife experience” in cities throughout the East Coast.

John Martin 1

A Bittersweet Moment: Longtime Annenberg Staple, John Martin, Leaves for Dunster

Though Martin says he “would love to stay at Annenberg,” his hours at the Dunster dining hall are more conducive to work-life balance.

Tickle Me Tuesday 2
Around Town

Black Joy, Black Laughter, and Black Comedy

Social isolation caused by the pandemic has made events like Tickle Me Tuesdays, a weekly all-Black comedy show, all the more essential —  they create a space for Black folk to be happy and celebrate one another.

Banksy Exhibit 1
Around Town

Street Art Without the Street

An anonymous street artist from Bristol and a product of its vibrant 1990s underground scene, Banksy creates art with anti-authoritarian and anti-consumerist messages, often using graffiti as his medium.