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Eden Endpaper

Learning to Love a Language

Here I am at Harvard, every Habesha parent’s dream, but my lack of connection to my language is every Habesha parent’s nightmare.

Lobster Endpaper

Molting Season

It was the ease with which the guy had done it. How simple it was for him to care for this animal, and even then, how unexpected it was that he would.

Ramadan 1
The Scoop

From Cambridge: Ramadan Kareem!

The iftar dinner I attended this past week was just as the chaplain described it: crowded, chaotic, and above all, cozy.

English and Rowing Introspection

Where the Body Meets the Mind

Then, the horizon glows a pale yellow just before it burns red, or maybe calms with orange and pink. The industrial architecture is first unveiled by a pale light, and the distance afforded to me, on the river, allows for the fleeting feeling that nothing is complicated and moments can just be appreciated as aesthetic experiences.

Darwin's Ltd
The Scoop

Cambridge Coffee Shop Unionization Efforts Pick Up Steam

"This is the future of unionized coffee, and you simply have to agree to it."

Israel Trek Boycott
The Scoop

For Some Palestinian Organizers, the Israel Trek is a Microcosm of a Broader ‘Power Imbalance’

Over spring break, about 100 Harvard students went on Israel Trek and participated in discussions with high-ranking Israeli and Palestinian officials, including the president of Israel. However, Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine — a student organization led by the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee — disputes the Trek’s claim that it provides a balanced perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Harvard Hillel

A Gentile's First Seder

We take turns dipping karpas (parsley, to symbolize springtime and rebirth) into saltwater (to symbolize the bitterness of tears shed during enslavement) and eating it. Everyone else seems to know what they’re doing, but I can’t tell if I’m messing something up.


Remy the Cat, An Ecological Menace

With  over 12,000 followers on Instagram, Remy has undoubtedly become one of the most popular animals on campus. But his celebrity obscures  all the questionable actions that cast doubt on whether we should uplift him in the first place: is Remy really the friendly cat that he purports to be, or is he “purr” evil?

Adams Seance Society 1
The Scoop

A Night With ASS (Adams Seance Society)

A voice pierces the silence, inquiring if there are spirits there with them. They wait with eager ears. Suddenly, it comes — a tap on the walls — faint and indistinct, but enough to send the room into an uproar.

1969 Black Editorials

Hell Doesn't Seem So Hot From Up Here

Morisey looks back on her experience at Radcliffe with bittersweet pride. Even as she reminisces on the difficulty of being a Black Cliffie, I sense that she sees a bigger picture, one beyond each negative moment she experienced as an undergraduate. This doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring pain and strife or dismissing her 1969 self’s experiences, but Morisey refuses to let these moments define her.

Mask Levity Design

As the College Lifts its Mask Mandate, Students Have Mixed...Appearances

I scan the room. I am surrounded by wide nostrils, tiny chins, and, oh dear god, goatees. My eyes are burning. Everyone is so… ugly.

HLS Dean

A Spring of Discontent

But before local school board members started contending with critical race theory, critical legal studies was fanning a flame that would spark one of the most tense periods in the history of Harvard Law School.

Swati Goel 1

Fueled by Coconuts and Adrenaline, Swati Goel '25 Lives Her 'Biggest Dream' on Survivor

For Goel, the show has been a comfort since middle school — like “chicken soup,” she says. “It’s just the thing I would watch whenever I was upset or sad.” Auditioning for the show was a bucket-list item for her.

Harvard Yard 1953

The Ghostly Outlines of Harvard's Fallen Foliage

Natural pests have plagued Harvard’s elms, while University administrators — more concerned with practicality than aesthetics — launched a plan to remove ivy from Harvard’s hallowed halls.

Julie Fiveash Portrait

Lindsay Sanwald, Her Loop Pedal, and Her Surf Board

A Masters of Divinity candidate graduating this spring, Sanwald lets her spirituality manifest in a variety of ways: the psychedelic indie-rock one-woman show she performs under the stage name Idgy Dean,; the Patreon account she runs to offer sermons, spiritual guidance, and meditation to monthly subscribers, and, as of late, surfing.