Where We Stand: The Class of 2013 Senior Survey
House Life

Where We Stand: The Class of 2013 Senior Survey

In a year marked by a major cheating scandal at Harvard, more than 30 percent of graduating seniors admit they have cheated on a homework assignment during their four years as undergraduates.

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Student Life

Thinking Outside the Solo Cup

On Harvard’s campus, as on those of other colleges, alcohol is by all accounts accessible and abundant. A red Solo cup is a ubiquitous accessory to many social events. Yet despite the presence of alcohol on campus, a number of Harvard students choose not to drink. For many of these students, this decision is based on a variety of personal factors, all challenging the assumption that social life in college necessarily involves alcohol.



The High Society


The High Society

“If you ask the right questions, you’ll find out that a lot of people are doing drugs here,” Greg continues.

Adams Pool Theater

No Swimming in the Pool

Into the front door of Adams C-entryway, past the lobby and the dining hall, through a vestibule, and beyond the bustling dishroom lies the Adams Pool Theater.

Tyga in Tercentenary Theatre
College Life

Overheard at Yardfest

Because the Harvard student audience is what makes Yardfest, Yardfest—here's a roundup of the best products of our eavesdropping.


In 1953, Harvard Tuition Was Hiked to $800

Every week, The Crimson publishes a selection of articles that were printed in our pages in years past.


Seven Songs for the Apocalypse

The world is ending today, and here on the Arts blog, we're going out in style. Here are seven distinct musical visions of the apocalypse, so give 'em a listen and choose your own grand finale.

Harvard's Newest Final Club?

Campus Reacts To Inflammatory Flyers

Students in all nine River Houses received sealed invitations under their doors early Friday morning professing to come from “Harvard’s Newest Final Club”—with the inflammatory statements that “Jews need not apply” and “Coloreds OK.”


Top Six Teenage Tragedies

There was darkness at the dawn of the 1960s, and it came in the form of melodramatic ditties about young ...

Gen Ed

Most Ironic Events of 2012

2012 was an ironic year for the Earth, for more than 2012 reasons. Below is a list of 10 things that we think are actually worth mentioning to people, so pay attention, please.


Five Pieces of Life Advice from Lana del Rey

Why do I put on Born to Die whenever I need guidance in my life? Why do I feel compelled to share this advice with others?


High Times at Houghton

Carl Williams, a self-described specialist in counterculture, reviewed one of the largest collections of items related to sex, drugs, and rock and roll ever assembled in a talk Wednesday evening at Houghton Library.