Data Analysis

Harvard Funding From Foreign Sources

Harvard Received Almost $385 Million from 46 Countries Since August 2019

Harvard has received almost $385 million from sources in 46 countries since August 2019, according to United States Department of Education data.


Amid Ivy League Cancellations, Most Varsity Sports Teams See Marked Decrease in Roster Size

Many student athletes opted to pause their college careers after the Ivy League cancelled fall sports in July, as varsity team rosters show.

Harvard Affiliate Election Contributions

A Blue Wave: Harvard Affiliates and their Political Contributions

As an unprecedented and contentious election season draws to a close, Harvard faculty, staff, and students overwhelmingly contributed to Democratic candidates — including President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr. — over their Republican counterparts this election cycle, a Crimson analysis found.

Athletes' Provenance

Varsity Athletes Bubble Up from Concentrated Pockets Across U.S., Internationally

The Crimson analyzed the composition of students listed on Athletics Department rosters, revealing trends in the regions from which certain teams drew athletes.


Nearly One Third of Harvard Undergrads Favor Proposals to Abolish or Defund HUPD

Roughly a third of undergraduates report favoring proposals to abolish or defund the Harvard University Police Department, according to a survey by The Crimson.

Athletics Complex

One in Four Class of 2020 Athletes Quit Varsity Teams During Their Time at Harvard

Though hundreds of members of the Class of 2020 have suited up for Harvard’s 42 varsity athletic teams during their time at the College, more than one in four athletes ended up quitting their teams, according to online roster data.

Lehman Hall

GSAS Launches Effort to Reform Advising

Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Emma Dench announced the launch of the GSAS-wide Advising Project in a Nov. 26 email to GSAS graduate students.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Project Information Literacy Scholars Discuss Information in an Age of Big Data

Fewer than 40 percent of college students trust news sources, according to Project Information Literacy researchers who presented on the relationship between students and digital media at an event held Thursday at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Harvard Economics Department Plans More Intro Classes Focused on Real-World Applications

The Economics Department is working to create more entry-level courses focused on the applications — as opposed to theory — of economics in an effort to attract more freshmen and sophomores, according to Department Chair Jeremy C. Stein.

Faculty Survey

More Than Quarter of Surveyed Profs Say They Know Dept Member Who Experienced Sexual Harassment

Roughly 30 percent of surveyed members of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences say they know at least one person in their department who has experienced sexual harassment.


Polling Shows Strong Union Support Among Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences Students

Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences students were much more likely to vote to unionize in Harvard’s election last week than were Sciences and Engineering and Applied Sciences students.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

GSAS Dean Meng to Step Down, Dench to Assume Deanship

Meng’s tenure saw the formation of the Harvard Data Science Initiative, a University-wide program launched last fall that aims to elevate Harvard to the forefront of the field.

Harvard 2021 Class Photo

The Class of 2021, By the Numbers

From first-generation status and admissions statistics to gap years and interest in campus social life, The Crimson's fifth annual survey of Harvard's incoming freshmen breaks down the Class of 2021.


Harvard Launches Data Science Initiative

Harvard has launched the Data Science Initiative, a University-wide program that aims to bring together data scientists in different fields.

Class of 2020’s Freshman Convocation

Class of 2020, By the Numbers

From first-generation status and admissions statistics to gap years and interest in campus social life, The Crimson's fourth annual survey of Harvard's incoming freshmen breaks down the Class of 2020.