Cambridge Police Officer Blocks Intersection at Protest

Man Who Placed Fake Bomb At Harvard Sentenced to 3 Years Probation

William A. Giordani, a New Hampshire man arrested for placing a fake bomb in the Science Center Plaza on Harvard’s campus, will face three years of probation for failing to report a felony.

Middlesex County Superior Court

Luke Tang’s Case Manager Did Not Tell Lowell Staff About His Medical History Before Suicide

Harvard Counseling and Mental Health Services employee Melanie G. Northrop said that when Luke Z. Tang ’18 returned to campus following the summer she did not ask her CAMHS colleagues about Tang or communicate his medical history to Lowell House staff.

Middlesex County Superior Court

CAMHS Employee, Facing Wrongful Death Suit, Testifies She Followed ‘Standard Procedure’

Harvard Counseling And Mental Health Services employee and defendant Melanie G. Northrop testified that she complied with “standard procedure” in providing for Luke Z. Tang ’18.

Student at Harvard Business School Die-In
Harvard Business School

Harvard Students Face Court Date Over Confrontation at HBS ‘Die-In’ for Palestine

Rep. Elise M. Stefanik ’06 (R-N.Y.) accused Harvard of delaying “justice” for students involved in a confrontation during a pro-Palestine protest at Harvard Business School in October, according to a letter sent to University leadership Thursday morning.

Luke Tang Trial Day Three

CAMHS Employee Said Not Consulted for ‘Care Contract’ in Wrongful Death Trial Over 2015 Student Suicide

A Harvard Counseling and Mental Health Services employee said that despite being listed on a “care contract” with Luke Z. Tang ’18, he was never consulted about Tang’s wellbeing.

Superior Court Judge John P. Pappas at Luke Tang Trial

Lawyers Present Opening Arguments in Wrongful Death Trial Over 2015 Student Suicide

Attorneys representing the estate of Luke Z. Tang ’18, a sophomore student who died by suicide on Harvard’s campus in 2015, told a jury on Tuesday that Harvard Counseling and Mental Health Service employee Melanie G. Northrop was negligent in her care for Tang.

Cambridge Police Officer

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Cambridge Police Officer Over George Floyd Remarks

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against the Cambridge Police Department from an officer who was punished for social media comments calling George Floyd “a career criminal, a thief and a druggie,” ruling that the comments were not protected by the First Amendment.

Harvard Medical School

Wife of Former Harvard Morgue Manager Pleads Guilty to Interstate Transport of Cadavers

Denise Lodge, the wife of former Harvard morgue manager Cedric Lodge, pled guilty to the interstate transport of stolen human remains, according to a filing released Wednesday.

Joseph Moakley Courthouse

Former Harvard Student Appeals Dismissal of Suit Alleging Wrongful Denial of Undergrad Degree

Former Harvard undergraduate Damilare Sonoiki appealed a federal judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit alleging the University wrongfully withheld his degree after three women accused him of sexual assault, according to a filing by his lawyers on Thursday.

HMS Holmes Society

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed by Families Over Harvard Medical School Morgue Theft

A Massachusetts Superior Court judge dismissed a class action lawsuit on Monday filed by families affected by the mishandling of human remains at Harvard Medical School.

Moakley Courthouse

Marsh USA Files to Dismiss Harvard Lawsuit Regarding SFFA Legal Fees

Insurance broker Marsh USA asked the federal District Court of Massachusetts to dismiss its liability for up to $15 million in legal fees, according to filings made last month.

Science Center Plaza Evacuated Thursday Afternoon

Man Arrested for Planting Fake Bomb at Harvard to Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Charge

William A. Giordani, a New Hampshire man arrested for planting a fake bomb on Harvard’s campus, is scheduled to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a hearing Wednesday as part of a plea agreement, according to a Thursday legal filing.

John Harvard Postering Comaroff

Lawsuit Against Harvard Over Professor Comaroff Harassment Allegations Will Move to Mediation

The lawsuit filed against Harvard alleging the school ignored years of sexual misconduct complaints against professor John L. Comaroff will move to mediation, according to court filings this month.

Chandrachud Courtesy
Harvard Law School

Chief Justice of India’s Supreme Court D.Y. Chandrachud Discusses Role of the Judiciary and Indian Court System at HLS Talk

Days after the Supreme Court of India’s landmark refusal to legalize same-sex marriages, Chief Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud sat down with Harvard Law Professor David B. Wilkins to discuss the role of the judiciary in modern society at a Harvard Law School event.


Deep Within the Anti-Affirmative Action Lawsuit, a Holocaust Denier

“Nobody in the media has been willing to point out the fact that my research was the basis of the lawsuit now before the Supreme Court," Ron K. Unz ’83, the controversial conservative activist cited in the Students for Fair Admissions’ lawsuit against Harvard, said.