2016 Election

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday

Signs direct voters to the polls located inside Quincy House. Massachusetts and 12 other states held their presidential primary elections on Tuesday.

Super Tuesday Reactions

Super Tuesday Reactions

Attendees of the IOP Super Tuesday Watch Party watch as projections are announced for the 2016 presidential primary elections.

IOP Super Tuesday Watch Party

IOP Super Tuesday Watch Party

Attendees of the IOP Super Tuesday Watch Party watch as projections are announced, with one student notably sporting a Clinton campaign t-shirt and another a shirt displaying a shirtless Former Governor Martin O’Malley, who suspended his campaign for the democratic nomination last month.

City Politics

Ahead of Super Tuesday, Student Groups Campaign in Mass.

​Harvard political student groups are refocusing their energies on Massachusetts ahead of next week’s Super Tuesday, when 12 states will hold primaries and caucuses in the presidential election.


Harvard Republicans ‘Mourning’ Bush As Trump Surges

Harvard Republicans report “mourning” Jeb Bush’s candidacy as businessman Donald J. Trump continues to dominate the Republican field after successive wins.

Fifteen Questions

E.J. Dionne on The State of the Republican Party

“I think the Republicans could use a lot more of what Sarah Palin called, “'The Hopey Changey stuff.’”


Founders of Ben and Jerry’s Rally for Sanders in Cambridge

The founders of the New England ice cream company rallied undergraduates in advance of next week's primary election in Massachusetts.

Berning Questions
Student Groups

Student Groups Hone Focus As Primaries Progress

Harvard student groups are continuing to focus their efforts in Massachusetts for their respective candidates prior to Saturday’s caucuses in Nevada and upcoming primary elections in South Carolina.


Former Times Editor Weighs in on 2016 Elections Coverage

​Jill E. Abramson ’76, the former executive editor of The New York Times and lecturer in the English department, lamented the lack of in-depth investigative reporting this election cycle.

Harvard Kennedy School

CNN Washington Bureau Chief Discusses Election Coverage

Sam Feist, CNN’s Washington bureau chief and senior vice president, defended the state of mainstream media and its coverage of the current presidential election at the Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday.

College Administration

Gov. Course Puts Presidential Politics Under the Microscope

​Data and science are king—or president, rather—in Carlos E. Díaz Rosillo’s class on American presidential elections, Government 1359: “The Road to the White House.”

New Hampshire Watch Party

Students and Faculty Gather at IOP to Watch N.H. Primary

Both elections were called at 8 o’clock, as soon as all of the polls had officially closed. The only tension that remained at the IOP was who would come in second and third place in the Republican race and the final margins of victory in both the Democratic and Republican races.

Faculty Contributions by School

Faculty Overwhelmingly Donate to Clinton

Ninety-one percent of contributions to current presidential candidates made by Harvard faculty, instructors, and researchers in 2015 went to former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton.