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Are you ready to take your first, tentative steps into the world of work? If you’re about to graduate, you’re probably already thinking about applying for relevant roles, and making your mark in your chosen industry.

So, what attributes are company bosses looking for in new graduates like you? According to the writer of this Forbes article, there are fewer than a dozen traits you’ll need to set you apart. In this piece, we talk you through some of the key skills you’ll need to stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

It isn’t always about your college results. According to the aforementioned Forbes piece, entrepreneurial spirit can get you places, too. The piece suggests that ‘large companies such as Goldman Sachs and J. Walter Thompson both cited that instead of hiring students with Ivy League diplomas, there is an emphasis on hiring self-driven individuals who show “an entrepreneurial spirit”…’

What that means is your prospective employer is looking for you to be a great problem-solver with a good head for business. Think you have what it takes to make an impression?

Communication Skills

Do you consider yourself a good communicator? This is one of the skills bosses at some of the largest companies in America are looking for – and it’s a fact that’s been highlighted in this online piece. Strong leadership skills, and the ability to also well work as part of a team, also came high on the priority list in the article, but communication skills were found to be key.


If you can’t communicate with your colleagues or seniors, how are you expected to do the best job possible in a new role? Company bosses and HR managers will always look for the candidate who speaks up in challenging situations, and is a good role model for junior members of the team.

Technical Skills

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s vital that you know all there is to know about computer programs – and even social media platforms. If, for example, you’re hoping to shine in a marketing role, understanding how Facebook and Twitter work for business is useful, while getting to grips with Microsoft programs like Excel will also stand you in good stead.

A Great Work Ethic

Someone who has a good work ethic means so much more than someone who turns up on time for work each day. If you fall into the latter camp, think about going above and beyond to impress your boss – and your colleagues.

Turn up to that meeting with plenty of notes in tow, contribute some well-thought-out ideas, and encourage others share their thoughts, too. By having a great attitude to work, you’ll get a lot more out of your position – and you’ll find that the diploma you worked hard to get is more than just something to look at on your bedroom wall.


Are you ready for your first big role? If not, maybe it’s time you brush up on a few of the skills featured in this piece, to ensure you feel 100 percent confident ahead of your first day.

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