Stock up on delicious essentials or treat yourself to something new with Weee!

Your schedule is busy enough. Don’t food slow you down. Weee!, the nation’s largest Asian grocery, has got you covered. Weee!, the nation’s largest Asian grocery, has got you covered.



They say that food is the way to a person’s heart – especially when that food is fresh and flavorful, of the highest quality, and best of all, delivered straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re craving delicious ramen for an amazing late night snack, heartwarming entrees to awe your dinner date, or a taste of home for a potluck with your friends, Weee!, the nation’s largest Asian grocery, has got you covered.

No matter if you’re stocking up on snacks for finals week, or planning your next culinary masterpiece, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your dorm room thanks to Weee!’s free express delivery on orders over $35.

Best of all, as a Harvard student, you’ll get $15 off your first order with Weee! and 1 month of free delivery!


For three groups of students*, roommates Claire and Chloe, partners Andrew and Tran, and Mei and her friend group, Weee!’s convenience has made their lives much more flavorful. Follow them to see how Weee! spices up their lives!


Keeping up with classwork can be tough at any college, but especially at Harvard. Roommates Claire and Chloe beat the heat by relying on the tried and true method of late night study sessions. After spending hours reviewing content and cramming lecture notes into their heads, they finally feel more confident in their knowledge.

But late night studying breeds late night cravings. For such a solid session, they decide that a reward is in order. As Claire and Chloe arrive at their dorm, they idly wonder what they’re going to have — but then they remember Weee!

With Weee!, Claire and Chloe can have snacks that are both delicious and easy to make. They microwave some authentic instant Shin Cup Ramen and slurp it down together with some refreshing Yakult, laughing about one of their particularly witty professors. While waiting for their noodles to heat up, they munch on Pocky sticks in a variety of flavors. And best of all? Since they ordered beforehand using Weee!, they do all this without having to leave the comfort of the dorm after their long night of work.

Weee! allowed the friends to prepare for situations like this with their free next-day delivery for orders over $35. They never have to worry about running out of snacks and can easily order in bulk, so that fighting off hunger can be the least of their worries.

Sound tempting? Take a look at Weee!’s selection of snacks yourself!



As the weather gets cooler and the leaves change color, it’s easy to start getting homesick. And Tran was not an exception. So, Andrew decided to cheer her up by bringing a bit of home to her on date night.

Tran walked into Andrew’s dorm and found him taking out fresh groceries and assorted ingredients from a cardboard box: rice noodles, ginger, scallion, coriander, fish sauce, and more. Andrew was able to order these all on the Weee! app. Thanks to Weee!’s local warehouses in every major state, they can deliver fresh groceries and packaged foods straight to dorm rooms.

Filled with amazement, Tran helped Andrew as he used all the ingredients they just got delivered to create nostalgic dishes that made them feel as if they were sitting in their home kitchen with their families. Soon the table was filled with warm bowls of pho, fresh colorful summer rolls, and sweet, coconutty pandan salad.

Tran took a sip of the warm pho broth, smiling as she tasted the deep flavors of home.



Back home, Mei’s family hosts a Lunar New Year potluck for their neighbors every year. Now that she’s away at college, this is one tradition she can’t wait to share with all her friends.

Mei sent a group text to all her friends confirming whether they were free for a Lunar New Year potluck where everyone would bring their favorite traditional Asian dishes. They responded with enthusiastic yeses, but were unsure about whether they’d be able to find the ingredients needed to prepare these meals, since they did not have any cooking experience. Luckily, Mei had just the website for them. She suggested that they use Weee!, which allowed her friends to find all the ingredients they needed for their dishes with a referral link, while earning points that could be redeemed later for discounts. They were convinced, and immediately ordered the ingredients they needed to create their dishes through Weee!

On the day of the potluck, Mei welcomed her friends into her room with a smile as the familiar smell of dumplings, nian gao and rice-cake soup wafted through the room, bringing back fond memories of her family back home. They exchanged stories and filled themselves with a wide range of delicious Asian dishes on an evening that would become one of their favorite memories from the semester.



With the hustle and bustle of college life, it’s easy to forget to take time to yourself and enjoy food that makes you happy. Whether it’s for a late night snack, a romantic dinner, or for a celebratory potluck, Weee! has you covered with authentic Asian flavors delivered straight to your dorm room.



*These are fictional students and are not meant to reflect any actual persons.