{shortcode-a4e38ef4bb43367cb6e8a24b458381b228b42ba3}Now that Starbucks is back in the Square, it feels like all is well again…

Situated in the Abbot Building between the Yard and the River Houses, our new Starbucks location is spectacular. As you head for your pick-me-up beverage, you will no longer have any excuse to put off your weekly CVS haul or any of your other errands. How convenient! Not only is the location convenient, Starbucks’ hours are pleasantly surprising (it’s open until 9 p.m. all week!) Gone are the days of craving a late night peppermint mocha or matcha green tea latte and being severely disappointed when finding that Starbucks closed at 7:30 p.m. You can now fuel your unhealthy coffee addiction 16-ish hours a day, 7 days a week!

Vibes :)

Arezoo: The vibes of this Starbucks are absolutely adorable — being greeted by soft, ambient music along with a blast of warm air and the smell of coffee beans definitely perked me up after a day full of back-to-back sections. I think that the smaller size of the cafe adds to its homey feel, and makes it perfect to quickly stop by between classes.

Subul: It is a compact but super cute establishment. You can definitely tell it’s a brand-new, recent addition to the area by the clean and modern look of the place, and it makes it very inviting! There are no spaces to sit or work, so it’s more of a grab-and-go coffee shop. The chitter-chatter of people waiting, and the hustle and bustle of others quickly getting their drinks creates a lively atmosphere — and makes for a great people-watching experience.


Arezoo: In the spirit of the holiday season, I ordered a grande iced sugar cookie almond milk latte. This drink can be a hit or miss, but today it was definitely a major hit! The drink was perfectly sweet, and the added red and green sprinkles made it even better (aesthetics matter!). They ran out of almond milk but were quick to offer up many alternatives, including oat milk, which I ultimately chose. Would 10/10 recommend this drink to put you in the winter spirit!

Subul: I celebrated the beginning of the holiday season by ordering a caramel brulée latte, and words cannot describe how phenomenal it was. It hit the spot, and I am still dreaming about it. I should probably branch out and try another holiday drink, but every part of me wants to continue ordering the caramel brulée latte again and again. We could all use a dose of serotonin when our routines get robotic and our days get cold, and I cannot recommend this drink enough.


Arezoo: I knew that the store would probably be busy, but I did not anticipate anywhere near the line that I found when I visited. Since it was Red Cup Day, people of all ages flocked to the new Starbucks. Despite this, I was very impressed with how the staff was able to handle the number of customers. Not to mention that they had enough red cups to last them until 4:30 p.m. — but they did run out five minutes before I got to the front of the line though. R.I.P.

Subul: I went the day after opening, and I braced myself for a long line. Fortunately there was no wait when I went after my 9 a.m. class. Since I ordered ahead, my beautiful drink was waiting for me at the pickup station. Spotting my name on a drink label at the Starbucks counter is one of the top 10 best feelings in life, and the sheer joy set me up for a successful day. Shoutout to the baristas for their efficiency and timeliness. Flyby loves you <3.

Customer Service

Arezoo: When coffee shops ask for my name, as someone with the name Arezoo, I usually panic. It is never worth the extra long interaction of repeating myself or spelling it out for workers, but today felt different. When I approached the counter, the barista was so patient and took the time to perfect the drink label, even with the crazy line behind me. They even pronounced it right when putting it on the counter! The baristas were super nice and it was so exciting to have my own name (spelled correctly) on the side of the cup. It made my day!

Subul: I’m not gonna lie, my interaction with the barista lasted about a minute. But it was a lovely minute. The staff greeted and acknowledged every person who entered, and their kindness was much appreciated. A little kindness goes a long way on a hectic day. I look forward to coming back and getting to know the baristas better because they seem like a great bunch.

Overall Rating

Arezoo: I had a fantastic experience at the new Starbucks and would definitely recommend it to others who are looking for a warm drink before walking (in the cold) to class, or even just as an excuse to go on a little walk around the Square. To coffee addicts and non-coffee drinkers of all kinds, a visit is definitely worth your time!

Subul: Five stars. You will definitely find me regularly visiting this Starbucks for its immaculate vibes, flavorful drinks and fabulous customer service. It truly has it all, and I couldn’t be happier that Starbucks has returned to the Square. Petition for Starbucks to start accepting BoardPlus or even a student discount?!