{shortcode-35b844c27e1c2ac4fab4f9c25fcf0d834cff15c1}Scrolling through your Instagram and see yet another picture of someone with Remy the Cat? Don’t understand how everyone else has spotted Remy for the fifth time while you haven’t even seen him once? Don’t worry! Our precious Remy is hard to find, but here are some tips to help you find him.

Go to Lamont.

Tucked away in a cozy corner of the Yard, it’s no wonder Remy gravitates toward Lamont. Next time you need a study spot, head to Lamont, or take a different route to class that includes passing by the library. If you do this consistently for your whole undergraduate career, you’ll definitely find stressed out students, and you might just see Remy!

Chill in the Yard.

The best place to spot Remy is where he is living up to his name as the Guardian of the Yard (and its expensive furniture). Especially when the weather is sunny and warm and Remy is in his feels, you’ll see him sprawling out on the grass in the Yard, watching us as we walk to class while chugging our third cup of coffee of the day.

Get Catnip.

Cats have a sense of smell that’s fourteen times stronger than humans. Fourteen! Imagine how they feel about Red’s Best Catch. But this superior ability means that catnip is a wonderfully pleasant scent for them. Go to Costco (get a hot dog while you’re at it), buy bulk catnip, and leave hunks of catnip in every corner of every room (don’t skimp). The smell is bound to result in an appearance from Remy (and your building manager) at some point.

Scout Every Dorm.

Lots of people invite or take Remy into their dorm rooms. So if everything else fails, just knock on every door to every dorm in the Yard. Even if you don’t find Remy, you’ll get your steps in and probably make a few friends. This may seem like a bit too much, but it’ll all be worth it to see our friend Remy — just think about the Instagram possibilities.

These tips should help you get your star moment with Remy. But even if you don’t ever end up seeing him, I can guarantee you’ll find a few rats along the way. Looking forward to seeing that post on my Instagram feed. Good luck and happy Remy-searching!