{shortcode-282a2a2e139034d0991b320beb24211a9447d900}Let Flyby take a guess about your Zoom habits using your results to this quiz!

1. What is your favorite snack?

A) Chips? Crackers? I prefer to just eat a meal

B) The banana chips from the dhall

C) Fruit — subtle and easy to eat quietly

D) Anything I can find to snack on...

2. What is your favorite part of a Zoom lecture?

A) Clicking the “leave meeting” button

B) How do I know what my favorite part of a Zoom lecture is when I don't even know what’s going on?

C) Hot-take, but the BREAKOUT ROOMS

D) Asking questions because the professor lost me at the third slide

3. One word to describe how your semester is currently going.

A) There are no words

B) Hanging by a thread — I know that’s more than one, but this was the only way to fully describe my semester

C) Thriving

D) Flustered

4. What are your thoughts on making friends through Zoom?

A) Absolutely not

B) I would prefer for it to be in-person, but understand how that’s not very feasible given the pandemic

C) No other way I’d rather make new friends!

D) Sure, why not?

5. When do you leave lectures?

A) Right when class time is up regardless of whether or not the lecture runs overtime

B) When the professor finishes lecturing

C) I always stay 10 minutes afterwards to ask questions

D) I actually leave whenever I want

Mostly A’s: No Camera, No Mic, No Chat

Even though class is now attendable by the click of a button, it was probably still a struggle to find the motivation to go. Your naps in between classes were initially energizing, but have now become dangerously good. 15 minutes no longer seems like enough. Now, you just wake up to hop onto the Zoom call and go back to sleep. Or, you’re hungry and ready to eat. Zoom will certainly not stop you from getting your full lunch experience. The no camera, no mic option on Zoom is currently your biggest life hack.

Mostly B’s: Camera, No Mic

Ah yes, the classic camera on, mic off. Whether you’re willfully turning your camera on, you give off the image that you are engaged. But, in reality, you’re completely checked-out. Whether you’re working on an assignment for another class, watching TikToks, or simply just zoning out, it’s safe to say that you have no clue what is going on in this Zoom call. As long as no one knows that, you’re good. Faking it till you make it has never failed you and you’re not about to stop now.

Mostly C’s: Camera On, Mic On, CHAT

The Zoomster. You actually look forward to Zoom calls. Whether or not classes and meetings are in-person or online, it doesn’t matter because you know you will be fully engaged. You’re the person who starts the discussion when the professor divides the 200+ person lecture into breakout rooms. No awkward silences for you today!

Mostly D’s: No Camera, Mic On

If we’re being honest, you probably have no idea that your mic is on. I mean, who turns their camera off, but has their mic on...? The exception is if you’re in a breakout room and actually have something to say. Otherwise, we know that you’re completely unaware of your mic being on.