{shortcode-95569f35e7b7a99deaaf509d6d3a33d6fc77c841}Dear Snow Day,

Let us start with the facts. Some online digging has shown that between November and April, it snows for about 22 days every year in Cambridge. Considering that we were on campus for most of that time, it’s reasonable to hope that Harvard would have had a big snow storm at some point. In particular, we mean big enough to get class cancelled. Spoiler alert — this didn’t happen.

We are pretty disappointed that you never came. Yes, it’s easy to be mad when snow gets in your boots and makes your socks wet, or when it piles on trees in the Yard and flies into your eyes when you take a walk. But while some people associate snow with sniffles and shivers, I like to think about the snowflakes and hot chocolate and most importantly, you.

You probably don’t know or realize how much we miss you, but believe me, twenty-four hours of no class and complaining about the weather is exactly what every college student needs in the middle of midterm season. I don’t know what your excuses are for not happening this year. Maybe you didn’t feel like it. Maybe you were running late. Or maybe global warming just didn’t let you (I’ll forgive you if it was this one).

A single snow day may not sound like a big deal to Northeast natives, and it’s probably not. But believe me when I tell you, many of us who come from places where it doesn’t snow have been WAITING for you for months. Now that we’re in quarantine in California or Hawaii or Florida or anywhere else with warm weather, all of us winter-wannabes will never get to meet you.

Before you say you’ll be back next year, I must sadly remind you that the rise of Zoom may render you obsolete. Next time we’re snowed in, will it be a day of virtual backgrounds and remote class? I hope this isn’t goodbye forever, but rather only goodbye for now. As long as the snow keeps coming, we hope you will too.


Your friends who miss you the most