{shortcode-56f4b37134dd5dce4781d3655284ced2ca4b923d}The vast majority of us will be spending reading period off campus this year. Without the neurotic ambiance of Lamont Library or the 3 a.m. review grind in the dhall, how can we still tap into our peak potential and pull off effective cramming during an important time? Here are some Flyby-approved tips to successfully recreate the reading period environment at home.

Enclose yourself

Contained spaces and cubicle desks can be very conducive for effective study sessions, and you don’t have to be in a library to have such trappings. Simply maneuver your desk so that it faces a blank wall, and put up dividers (i.e. cardboard and tape) to limit your peripheral vision. Finally, stick a lamp in front of you, and you’re good to go.

Follow along a “study with me” YouTube video

Some YouTubers get subscribers from gaming, others rake up followers with study videos. These concentration gods often make multi-hour videos in which they film themselves working in an appropriate environment, usually with suitable music playing in the background. With built-in “study pauses” meant to boost brain stamina, you could truly belt out some deadly efficient study sessions.

Space out the mental boosters

While Flyby does not encourage consumption of copious amounts of caffeine, these substances are sometimes necessary to pull off last-minute cramming before crucial final exams. One of the worst things you could do is drinking multiple caffeinated beverages on an empty stomach. Instead, drink your servings over a longer period of time, eat decent meals while consuming caffeine, and try to avoid the sugary energy drinks.

Stay connected with your friends online

Isolating oneself during a rather stressful time doesn’t always pan out well. Remember to check in with your buddies and hit them up when there’s a lull in the cramming process. And depending on your study preferences, set up Zoom sessions where you can engage in the re-learning together! Sure, it’s going to be lame compared to actually being together on campus, but at least you’ll have virtual camaraderie.

A reading period without the safety net of SAT/UNSAT grades is definitely going to be a challenge, but remember to take care of yourself and good luck!