Spring has finally arrived! The sun is out (except that it rained almost all of last week), the snow is gone, and green is returning to campus. But despite the warmer weather, everyone seems to be getting sick. Here are some foolproof ways to stay healthy, brought to you by a proud germaphobe.

Avoid sharing drinks.
Even if your friend’s iced coffee looks irresistible because you haven’t slept in days, don’t do it! Go walk yourself to the nearest dining hall or coffee shop of your choice and pick up your own. Start practicing this now, so that come the weekend, you’ll still remember to stick your own cup even if the rest of the night is a little fuzzy.

Open your windows.
Did you know that one reason people get sick over the winter is because there is no air circulation and everyone is inside? Open your windows for fresh air. It will make your room feel less dusty, air out the stench of that forgotten Tasty Burger under your bed, and neutralize the smell of your still-damp snow boots.

Avoid plagued people.
If you see anyone showing signs of sickness, steer clear. Move to the next desk in the library, don’t ask to borrow a pen from them in class, and if they’re your SO, do not touch them! Even if they say they’re fine, give yourself a 3-day buffer before resuming contact.

Wash your hands or use Purell.
My least favorite part about the swine flu epidemic was not the fact that I had swine and strep at the same time and couldn’t get out of bed for a week, but that I had to use Purell multiple times a day for months. My dry hands may never forgive me, but at least the rest of those months were mostly illness free.

Don’t itch your eyes.
This is a terrible habit. But anyone with allergies will tell you how this does not help their cause. Itchy eyes are bad. Itchy eyes plus a cold is the worst.

Overdose on vitamin C.
Stock up on oranges or down emergen-C at least once a day. Nothing screams fighting off a cold quite like a large intake of vitamin C. (If you’re hardcore about strengthening your immune system, and don’t care if you stink, raw garlic is also a great immune booster.)