FAS Dean Michael D. Smith recently revealed that Bruce Springsteen is his favorite songwriter, leaving us with an indelible picture of him Dancing in the Dark to some of The Boss' greatest hits.
Coming off of a long haitus from his blog "Diving In", Smith wrote last week about the speech he gave at Morning Prayers, the daily ceremony in Memorial Church. In his speech, the Dean touched on some of his favorite singers, including Harry Belafonte, Bruce Springsteen, and Pete Seeger.
It seems unlikely that Smith will give up his day job for a life on tour, however. "I was scared to sing in front of my 7th-grade music class and 35 years of infrequent, but frequently bad, car karaoke haven't cured me of that fear," he wrote. He may have been Born to Run, but we're happy we don't have to hear him sing about it.