In a shocking turn of events on last Friday's episode of "America's Next Top Model: College Edition," Harvard Divinity School alum Maria B. Tucker voluntarily removed herself from the running towards becoming America's next top model. The New Mexico native had made it past the first two rounds of judging, but started questioning her passion for fashion when faced with the potentially life-altering decision to cut her long locks during last week's makeover episode. 

The last straw came when she was asked to pose nude with judge and male model Rob Evans for one of the photoshoots. After declining the shoot, she packed her bags and returned home.

In a performance that we hope isn't now considered representative of the University, on the show Tucker became the Harvard girl who everyone hated. In honor of Harvard and pretty girls with bad personalities, here are the best Harvard and Tucker quotes from "Top Model."

"I guess when you are this smart people don't expect you to turn into a model. They think that's a waste of your intelligence." –Tucker

"I'm really bad at [chess]" –Tucker

"You go to Harvard!" –ANTM contestant Kristen

"But I'm bad at chess." –Tucker

"I'm the only one from Harvard. I'm the only one from an Ivy. I think people need to remember I have a little more maturity." –Tucker

"Maria seems like she's a smart girl, but just by the way she's acting, it's almost an embarrassment to Harvard." –ANTM contestant Destiny

[In response to Tucker's decision not to get a makeover] "She said hell no? This girl's from Harvard. How stupid could be right now?" –ANTM contestant Allyssa

"You're really committed to defending mediocrity." –ANTM judge Kelly Cutrone, to Tucker

[In response to Cutrone's comments about the makeover] "She's a c***" –Tucker

"Are you just, like, really stupid?" –Destiny to Tucker

"Maria finally went home. Thank God." –Kristen