Every week, The Crimson publishes a selection of articles that were printed in our pages in years past.

May 29, 1936: News from the Houses

On Monday Phillips Brooks House will start its annual spring textbook and clothing drive, to be carried on in both the Houses and the Yard.

May 27, 1948: Cops Pinch Man for Donating $2 Bills to Students

Lamont fund and SAC to the contrary, Yard police prevented a would-be benefactor of the College from giving his money away.

Although John M. Shaw, 61, explained that he only "wanted to be good to the students before they went away on vacation," the South End "philanthropist" was arrested for slipping two-dollar bills under Lowell House doors Monday night.

May 29, 1961: Wiggins Says Single Menu Plan Uncertain

The Administration has reached no final decision concerning the establishment of uniform menus throughout the House system, L. Gard Wiggins, administrative vice president, has revealed.

At present, five of the Houses serve identical meals. The University wants to extend the common menu system to the independent Houses in an attempt to cut costs. Masters of the Houses not associated with the Central Kitchen strongly oppose the new plan.

May 31, 1972: Bok Receives Mixed Reviews in His First Year as President

Derek Bok has spent most of the last year learning about his new job—how best to deal with Harvard's myriad constituencies while offending no one and still managing to get things done. It didn't take him long to discover that this latter feat is one of wild imagination.

Compiled by Julie M. Zauzmer