Curious Leverett House members were able to learn about an array of edible aphrodisiacs this Sunday, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Food Literacy Project and the Health and Wellness Center teamed up to put on a study break to showcase what types of food can put you in the mood for loving.

The organizers of the study break showcased whipped cream, bananas, sliced pineapple, guacamole, slabs of chili chocolate, and strawberries as examples of aphrodisiac food. As Leverett House members sampled from the delectable treats, Sarah G. Bakst '11, a member of the Food Literacy Project, repeatedly asked those in attendance to ask about each food’s mood-enhancing qualities.

House members left with a new sense of how some everyday foods can stimulate their minds and bodies. Whether some of the foods actually have aphrodisiac qualities, promote sensual thinking through association, or simply taste good, many students came out of the study break with their moods improved.

"It makes people happy, that's the important thing," Bakst said.

While handing out condoms to students as they passed by, Bakst and Elena P. Lisitskaya, Leverett House's health and wellness tutor, provided a final takeaway on the association of aphrodisiacs with mental and physical health.

"You should feel happy about getting it on," they said, "but do it safely."

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons