Last year, during the renovation of the room where Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Class of 1904, lived in Adams House, a small red pamphlet from 1944 called "The Gold Coaster" resurfaced.

Adams House alumni decided to restart the old publication. Today, "The Gold Coaster" is being published once again, this time in the form of pixels rather than pamphlets, as an online magazine. Taking its inspiration from the original 20-page pamphlet, the magazine is filled with articles about House history as well as anecdotes from current and past students about life in Adams.

Since the new-but-old magazine went online over a week ago, it has received over fifteen hundred hits, according to Michael D. Weishan '86, the editor-in-chief.

The magazine not only allows graduates to share some of their favorite memories, but also provides a forum for current students to inform alumni. In the first edition, Lauren D. Kiel '11, former associate managing editor of The Crimson, writes about how J-term—a concept foreign to most former residents—has changed the rhythm of life at Harvard.

Weishan, like many who lived in Adams before the pool became a theater in 1993, recalled late night rendezvous in the Adams House pool. Describing memories of floating on his back in the water, looking up at the snow falling onto the brilliantly illuminated skylight, he reminisced about what he called a "magical place." Memories like these have inspired Adams House alumni to revitalize their House spirit through "The Gold Coaster," helping alumni stay connected to those golden college days.

Photo courtesy of "The Gold Coaster"