The Boylston Gate shuttle stop, where Quadlings catch their ride home after a late night partying, was moved Wednesday.

The difference for Harvard students sprinting to make the shuttle? About 80 feet.

In order to complete the last link of a bike path on Massachusetts Ave., the City of Cambridge has moved back the bus stop locations for the MBTA, Harvard, and M2 buses by five parking spaces, according to David E. Harris, Jr., general manager of Harvard Transportation Services.

As a result, the Harvard shuttle’s Boylston Gate stop is now located in front of the Wigglesworth tunnel between Boylston and Widener Gates. The stops are shifting to make room for parking spaces across from the Holyoke Center, Harris said.

Students, sick of fighting their way through throngs of tourists en route to class, might be happy to hear that the tour buses that once parked by Widener Gate have now been forced off Mass Ave. They’ve been bumped to Quincy Street behind the crosswalk bridging Lamont and the Barker Center, Harris said.

Photo by Sara Joe Wolansky/The Harvard Crimson