Tweets of the Week

Published by Bryan Hu on November 06, 2015 at 7:00PM

The Harvard football team stayed undefeated on the season by knocking off previously-unbeaten Dartmouth, while the Denver Broncos did the same to the Green Bay Packers two days later (albeit in a much calmer manner). The University of Miami tossed a million laterals in one play, while Drew Brees threw for about the same number of touchdowns. And at some point during the first quarter, the 49ers led the Rams by a score of 3-2.

The end of October has come and gone, and despite the two NFC West teams trying to tell you otherwise, football season is in full swing.

That’s not to say that all else has come to a screeching halt, though, in favor of the pigskin. Lack of progress only applies to psets and essays unfortunate enough to be left to Sunday.

Instead, Harvard athletes of all sports are just starting to light up the ever-important Twitterverse, and that’s why we’re bringing you the top tweets of the week, handpicked just for you.

6. Marlee Ehrlich, women’s swimming and diving

“Would love to see statistics on Halloween uber use. More requests at night or morning after?”

Oh, I almost forgot. Hope you all had a happy Halloween.

5. Jake Olson, defensive end

“Post-pubescent JB > Pre-pubescent JB”

My first thought was Jose Bautista, but that can’t be right.

Justin Bieber? Nah, that wouldn’t make sense either.

4. Briana Mastel, women’s ice hockey defenseman

“when you take a study break and see that Hocus Pocus is on….. #halloweenclassic #doihavetostudy?”


3. Weisner Perez, men’s basketball forward

“Just met @Dlee042 of the Boston Celtics casually walking around Harvard>>>> #welcome”

The number of cool and/or famous people you’d randomly run into at Harvard is way too high.

2. Katie Russ, women’s swimming and diving

“When ur essay is so fire ur laptop actually bursts into flame”

Hey, my laptop’s still fine.


1. Gabby Sims, women’s swimming and diving

“Just got told by a stranger with a sign that judgment is coming for me…….and here I was thinking I was doing so well! #UghMondays #ratz”

The best part is that she tweeted this on a Thursday.

That’s it for this week’s most memorable tweets!

Honorable Mention: The Miami Hurricanes, in response to the ACC’s announcement that the officials mis-officiated the last game-winning play