The Top Ten Halloween Candies, Ranked


It’s official. Spooky season has arrived. For many, the most joyous part of the season comes in brightly colored wrappers. Gluttonous candy consumption is a hallmark of this holiday, and nothing kills the spooky spirit like receiving a toothbrush at a neighbor’s door. Candy choice can be contentious: Sweet or sour? Nuts or caramel? Marshmallow or coconut? This article is not a trick. Here are The Crimson’s top 10 Halloween treats.

10. Almond Joy

Coming in at number 10 on this list is the gleefully hated Almond Joy. Though definitely underrated, the combination of compressed coconut and almond, topped with a thin layer of chocolate has never quite satiated the Halloween candy craving. It almost feels too fancy? Good thing there’s usually a stray adult around to eat these frequent leftovers.

9. Skittles


Skittles are a pretty decent choice, especially for the rare trick-or-treaters who dislike chocolate. Their bright colors and citrussy flavors stand out among the more common candies. The diminutive size makes them perfect for snacking. Watch out, though, these are liable to yank a tooth out with their tough, chewy texture.

8. Snickers

Snickers, despite being a staple candy in the trick-or-treater’s repository, can be controversial, not only because they contain peanuts (beware of allergens lurking in your basket), but because the combination of caramel, peanuts, and chocolate is not a universally appealing one. The crunchy peanuts and the smooth caramel congeal to the enamels in a sticky-salty-sweet mess. Tasty, but not the most enjoyable experience.

7. Candy Corn

Candy Corn is the most underrated candy out there. Is it the best? Not by a long shot. But there is a solid case for candy corn. No candy is more festive. No candy is more easily and absentmindedly snacked on. And lastly, this is the only candy for which a generic, grocery store brand is acceptable, even hailed. If you want to snub Mars this Halloween, buy (and relish) candy corn.

6. Butterfingers

What the heck is a Butterfinger? This mind-bending, crunchy, peanutty, chocolate wonder has the most confusing and satisfying texture of all the candies. The aerated, candied peanut butter is completely unique, deliciously flakey, and simply a joy to consume. Crumbs will abound, so the elaborately costumed might want to avoid this one.

5. M&Ms

At this point, M&Ms are a cultural touchstone. Mars, the producer of M&Ms, recently unveiled a new “spokescandy” for the brand, the purple M&M. It joins the ranks of several beloved M&M personalities, like Green and Brown, and purportedly represents inclusivity, since it is the only female peanut M&M in Mars’s anthropomorphised candy marketing scheme. Several right-wing publications ridiculed the company, stating that the purple M&M (a genderless piece of chocolate) is “trans” and “identifies as a skittle.” Aside from political and social value, of which M&Ms have a surprising amount, the actual taste of standard, fun-sized M&Ms is classic, but somewhat boring. Smooth chocolate with a candy exterior is tasty, but it lacks the excitement that this holiday requires.

4. Twix

Though the left-Twix, right-Twix debate has many candy connoisseurs bewildered, Twix are objectively a great candy. The perfect mix of smooth caramel and shortbread, enveloped in rich chocolate, never disappoints. Twix are a great, reliable candy, though the cookie can make the experience of eating somewhat dry, and the caramel remains a reliable treat when found in the crevices of your teeth several days later.

3. Heath Bars

Heath Bars are amazing, and they somehow never get enough hype. Toffee is exceptional (and devilishly sticky), with nutty flavors undercutting the sweetness. The crunch is amazing, and the melt-in-your mouth chocolate rounds out the experience. Heath Bars are delicious and criminally underrated.

2. Trolli Sour Crawlers

The runner-up in this list is Trolli Sour Crawlers. Perfectly sweet and sour, with a satisfying gummy texture, these worms are the best non-chocolate choice. Each two-toned worm combines two flavors for double the deliciousness. Sour Crawlers are fan-favorites and are highly addictive. The neon packaging adds an extra aesthetic bonus to this already superb Halloween choice.

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

The best Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. You know them, and you most likely love them. Packaged in orange, yellow, and brown, they were practically made for this holiday. Sweet and smooth peanut butter and thick chocolate is a marriage for the ages. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are classic and timeless, delicious, simple, and yet still exciting. They are the perfect Halloween treat.

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