‘The Office’ Podcast: Never Say Goodbye


Almost 15 years after the pilot first aired, people are still talking about “The Office”...extensively. So extensively that this October, “Office” stars Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) began a new podcast, “Office Ladies,” in which they rewatch the show and give behind-the-scenes secrets as they reminisce about old times.

If it sounds too good to be true, or too extreme to be serious, check out their five-star rating after 24.7k reviews on the Apple Podcasts App, or listen to either of their one-hour episodes wherever you get your podcasts. Yes, that’s right — one hour. Every episode, Fischer and Kinsey chat about personal stories and give “fun facts” about the show as they go over notes from their favorite scenes.

While reunion events and anniversary episodes are not uncommon for shows as popular as “The Office,” the podcast outlet puts no bounds on what Fischer and Kinsey can do with their time. And so they talk, as friends do! Turns out Firscher and Kinsey became best friends while playing Pam and Angela, and the podcast hinges on their friendly banter and gives a unique perspective of “The Office” characters to the typical “Office” fanatic.

“I was getting so nervous that Angela made us turn off the microphones and put on a dance party to loosen me up,” Fischer shared. “I did; I put on Taylor Swift and I made her dance around and get out of her head!”


The show may not add much value to “The Office” experience outside of revealing the depth of this friendship between Fischer and Kinsey. But any true fan might have picked this up, along with many of the initial “fast facts” Fischer gives in the first episode, simply by watching the extensive blooper videos on The Office YouTube Channel (theofficeonnbctv), which is still posting videos, by the way.

People will take any excuse to rewatch the classic series. “The Office” was the most watched show on Netflix in 2018, and with NBC’s announcement this summer that the show will be off of Netflix by 2021, you too may need to take your last walk through memory lane this year living the glory days, now alongside Angela and Pam.