House Renewal To Phase Out DeWolfe

As the College’s more than $1 billion House renewal plan continues, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana said in an interview that an ultimate goal of the program is phasing out the overflow housing units on DeWolfe Street.

With construction on Dunster House nearing completion and work set to begin on an additional building attached to Winthrop House, Khurana said that House renewal should permit all students to live in their affiliated Houses.

"As House renewal goes through, [the goal] is to take the expedient decisions that were made over time at the right time for the right reasons, but over get everybody back," Khurana said.

DeWolfe Street currently accommodates students from Houses including Kirkland, Quincy, Leverett, and Winthrop. Although no dates have specifically been announced for the closing of the two DeWolfe properties, students will be phased out as House renewal progresses. Leverett and Quincy have both recently renewed portions of their houses as part of House renewal, but students from both of those Houses still currently live in DeWolfe.



Winthrop students will no longer live in DeWolfe after the House is renewed in 2016-2017. Winthrop's construction will include an addition to Gore Hall.

What remains unclear is the fate of the College’s renovated “swing housing” properties at the Inn at Harvard and various other buildings throughout Harvard Square. Students are being moved in and out while their individual Houses are renewed, but Faculty of Arts and Sciences Spokesperson Anna Cowenhoven wrote in an email that “details on how swing housing may be used are still being worked out.”

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