J-Term Rules Bar Guests, Parties

“It definitely hurts the credibility of the [College’s] commitment to extend full student privileges to people who want to stay during J-Term,” said Vikas Lonakadi ’10, who is staying to work on his economics senior thesis.

Other students were less concerned about the College’s decision. “To be honest, I don’t see what the big deal is,” said Maxim M. Kenyi ’12, who will be on campus with the men’s basketball team.

“While I’m personally disappointed that J-Term will not be one long extended orgy for the 1,316 students staying in Harvard housing over J-Term, I think it’s reasonable for Harvard to prioritize safety during its J-Term,” wrote Undergraduate Council President Johnny F. Bowman ’11. He added that the UC will work to advocate in favor of reduced restrictions for future J-Terms.

During J-Term, only students authorized to be on campus will have access to Houses, dorms, Annenberg dining hall, and gyms. University Health Services and libraries will remain open during their normal hours, and shuttle schedules will maintain their term-time schedules.

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An earlier version of the Dec. 18 news article "J-Term Rules Bar Guests, Parties" incorrectly stated that Inge-Lise Ameer is the Interim Dean of Advising Programs. In fact, Ameer is the Interim Director of Advising Programs.


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