B-School Committee Named

President Neil L. Rudenstine has released the names of the members of the advisory committee which will aid him in his search for a new dean of Harvard's Business School.

In a March 24 letter addressed to members of the Business School community, Rudenstine said that he will meet with the committee to discuss the "challenges and opportunities" facing the school, as well as the "essential qualities to look for" in the new dean.

The committee will also discuss appropriate ways to evaluate potential candidates for the Business School deanship, Rudenstine wrote.

Outgoing Dean John H. McArthur announced last month that he would be stepping down after 15 years at the Business School's helm.

The president said in a March 23 interview that he has already met with the committee, and plans to meet "on a pretty regular basis" for the next several months.


Rudenstine has had some trouble in recent years filling top posts in his administration. The search for a new dean of the Kennedy School of Government is about to enter its 12th month. And searches for a vice president of government, community and public affairs and a vice president of finance each took more than a year.

Rudenstine declined to speculate on when he would appoint a new Business School dean. He did, however, note that the current search should be completed more quickly than the hunt for a new Kennedy School dean.

The members of the Business School advisory committee include: White Professor of Business Administration Carliss Y. Baldwin; Harding Professor of Business Administration H. Kent Bowen; Ziegler Professor of Business Administration Stephen P. Bradley; and Carter Professor of Business Administration Robert J. Dolan.

Other members of the committee are: Smith Professor of Corporate Finance Gordon Donaldson; Associate Dean of the Business School Linda S. Doyle; Associate Professor of Business Administration Linda A. Hill; Straus Professors of Business History Thomas K. McCraw; and Senior Associate Dean of the Business School F. warren McFarlan.

Rounding out the committee are Coleman Professor of Financial Management Andre F. Perold; Roth Senior Professor of Retailing Walter J. Salmon; and Professor of Business Administration Robert L. Simons.

Rudenstine said that he is also in the process of forming a second committee, to consist of Business School alumni and "friends."

Among those already named to this group are Thomas Murphy, who chairs the Business School's visiting committee; Henry Schacht, chair of the board of directors of the associates of the Business School; and Business School Alumni Association President Peter Sacerdote.

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