Class of 1991: Free at Last

But Some First-Years Say They Are Sad to See Classes End

Students awakened yesterday to face their last classes of the year--for some, their last classes ever--with a variety of emotions.

While some eagerly anticipated the relative relaxation of reading period, others were grim and despondent about another year gone by.

"I am pretty psyched that reading period has begun," Steve M. Lubowitz '92 said before his Ec 10 lecture yesterday. Before the lecture, the stereo speakers at Sanders Theater blared "Stepping Out" by Joe Jackson, and other joyous pop hits.

Cameroon R. Hamill '94 said she plans to have an "excellent" time during reading period. However, she added, "I am sad school is ending."

Mona M. Patel '94 echoed Hamill's sentiments, saying she found it "depressing that the first year has come to an end so soon."


"I can't believe that I am already a sophomore," Patel said.

But Shawn Gough-Fibkins '94 will put such worries aside for the next two weeks. "Reading period is the time to hit the books and do some serious drinking," he said yesterday.

For seniors, however, the final day of classes meant more than just the beginning of two weeks of studying or partying. Members of the Class of '91 will soon be leaving the relative security of undergraduate life behind them.

"Graduation is confusing. All of a sudden you are rushing out into the real world," said Todd S. Cameroon '91, who will spend next year traveling. "But I guess it is time to move on."

Many seniors, with finals nearing and the prospect of even more studying at graduate school next year, saw no reason for celebration.

"There is no way I will be relaxing over reading period. I have too much work to do," said Kamakshi Rao '91, a future physicist who will attend the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

And Saumya Das '91 said his status as a graduating senior "is not really a big change" because he will attend Harvard Medical School next year. "Besides, I have class on Monday," he added.

But Das declared himself satisfied with his undergraduate career. "It has been a good four years of interaction and of making friends," he said.