Student Council Backs New N.S.A. Constitution

Charter's Fate Now Rests with College

Acceptance or rejection of the newly drafted constitution of the National Student Association rests in the hands of students of the College, the Student Council decided unanimously late last night.

Rejecting an opportunity to ratify the document under grants of power set forth in its own constitution, the Council agreed that students of the College should have the last word in the matter.

The official resolution, adopted after almost three hours of testimony by delegates to the N.S.A. Constitutional Convention, sets forth Council approval of the principles of the N.S.A. and provides that "after further study of the Constitution..." it will present the document to the students for vote "with the recommendation that it be approved...."

Student Support Vital

To the man in the local classroom, acceptance of the new charter that was written by students from all over the nation this summer in Madison, Wisconsin, means throwing College student support, highly respected at the Madison conference, directly behind the national project.


Concretely, it would mean closer cooperation with colleges and universities not only throughout the country, but in the region of New England, on such matters as student housing, academic standards, curriculum, discrimination in education, increasing the G.I. subsistence payment in proportion to family size.

Testimony of the six college delegates to the N.S.A. Constitutional Convention augmented an overall report to the Council also presented at the meeting. It explained the birth and growth of the National Student Association, and summarized the actions of the Madison conclave for the benefit of any Council members with no previous contact with the organization

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