Boston Harvard Club Reception

The second reception and smoker, given by the Harvard Club of Boston to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and to the first and second group scholars of the University, at the Hotel Somerset, Boston, last evening, was very successful. E. W. Atkinson '81, vice-president of the club, presided and introduced O. Roberts '86 as toastmaster. Addresses were made by Hon. J. D. Long '57 and Hon. F. J. Swayze '79. A. S. Pier '95 and E. E. Hunt '10 read original verses written for the occasion. In addition, the University Glee and Mandolin Clubs gave several selections.

Hon. J. D. Long '57, after a few amusing remarks, joined in the tribute, already expressed by the toastmaster, to the Faculty and honor students. In this age of extravagance, the Faculty, which keeps up the standards of scholarship and loves learning for its own sake, is one of the great redeeming influences of our modern life. In closing, he mentioned the elective system as one of the many branches of the University which President Lowell is striving to improve.

A. S. Pier '95 then read a poem regretting the lack of applause which is accredited to the student, as compared with the recognition athletes receive.

Hon. F. J. Swayze '79 said one must remember that athletics are not a man's work and that the man who has studied carries away with him from College a spirit of industry and application which a mere athlete never acquires.

The evening closed with a very amusing poem on "Harvard Bards and Grad Reviews."


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