Third Winter Meeting.

The third winter meeting of the Harvard Athletic Association was held Saturday afternoon; it was open to members of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association, of the B. A. A., and the M. I. T. athletic association. The gymnasium was well filled with spectators, although the weather was threatening. In accordance with the custom, at the open meetings gold and silver medals were given instead of the regulation H. A. A. cups. Harvard won two first prizes, and two seconds; B. A. A. won three firsts and two seconds; M. I. T., one first and two seconds; Williams one first; and Amherst one second.

Fence vault: There were only two entries for this event, A. H. Green, '92, and O. W. Shead, '93. The event was thus assured for Harvard. Green vaulted first. Both men succeeded in getting over the bar until it was put at 6 feet, 10 3-4 inches, when Shead dropped out. Green then gave a very pretty exhibition of vaulting winning the event at 7 feet, 3 1-4 inches-only half an inch less than the world's record.

Both men for the running high kick were from the M. I. T. S. C. Wason started off with C. D. Heywood second. At eight feet, eight, Wason easily hit the mark. The pan was placed at nine feet. Wason reached it, but Heywood dropped out. At nine feet three, Wason failed. Wason won first and Heywood second prize.

Samuel Crook of Williams lead off in the standing high jump, followed by O. W. Shead, W. N. Duane, and C. H. Bean, all of the H. A. A., and C. S. Wason, M. I. T. At four feet-seven and a half, Duane dropped out, and before four feet-eight and a half, all except Crook had failed. Crook continued to jump, and reached four feet-ten, but could not reach five feet. Crook won the medal. Wason and Bean were tied for second place and had to jump, again. Wason won. Crook tried again to reach five feet for his personal satisfaction and succeeded.

Eight men tried to climb the rope, thirty-five feet long. P. Manchester, B. A. A., used fifteen seconds. H. Williams, B A A, thirteen and a fifth seconds. H. H. Young, M I T, missed his grip twice and used up nineteen and a half seconds. I. J. Crane, M I T, was slow, and used his legs. J. Crane, '90, J. W. Ganson, '92, G. F. Cavanaugh, Sp., and G. B. Viles. '92, followed. Williams won the event and beat the best Harvard record by one and a fifth seconds. Manchester won second.


Running high jump: The event was one of the best contested of the meeting. The men showed a great deal of skill, and the records of all were very creditable. Morse came from the B. A. A., and Fearing '93, and Green '92, represented Harvard. The Yale men did not turn up. The bar was started at 4 feet 61/2 inches. Green was the first to drop out. Fearing failed at 5 ft., 101/2 inches, after a pretty contest with Morse. The bar was put up a half inch but Morse failed to clear it and won the event at 5 feet 101/2 inches. Fearing '93, had second place with a jump of 5 feet 9 inches, thereby beating his former record by one-half an inch.

Horizontal bar. J. B. Henderson '91, and A. H. Howard, B. A. A., were the contestants. They both gave an excellent exhibition, the giant swings by Henderson particularly calling forth much applause. Henderson won the event.

Pole vault, Crane, '90 and Mason '91, were entered from Harvard, Ryder from Yale, Curry from the B. A. A., and Ewing from Amherst. Crane and Mason both failed on the first trial. The bar was gradually put up higher, and the vaulting made more difficult. Mason was the first to drop out at 8 ft., 7 inches. At the next raise Ryder and Ewing both failed at first and finally secceeded in getting over the bar. All the men but Curry failed at first when the bar was put at 9 feet, 4 in. Crane dropped out at this height and the contest was left to Curry, Ryder, and Ewing, none of them Harvard men. The bar was put at 9ft, 10in. Byder and Ewing both dropped out at this height, and Curry, B A A, won the event at 9ft, 10in. Ryder and Ewing then vaulted for the tie for second place. Neither could better the other and so the toss of a penny decided it in favor of Ewing of Amherst.

The Yale tug-of-war team did not appear, but by special request, a part of the freshman team, and Wright, '92, entered for an exhibition pull against Ninety-one. Robb (anchor) Bisbee, Johnson, and Wright pulled against the regular junior team, Higgins (anchor), Bass, Nichols and De Normandie. Ninety-one had the south end. There was some difficulty at the first drop and it had to be started again. At the drop the teams were tied. Ninety-three gained little by little until at the end of the first minutes they had three-quarters of an inch. They lost on a heave by Ninety-one, but regained, and at four minutes, had 3 4 in. At five minutes the judges decided that the pull was exactly a tie.

The officers of the meeting were: Referee of general events, Mr. G. B. Morrison, '83; judges of General events, Mr. C. H. Kip, '83, Mr. A. T. Dudley, '87; timers, Mr. E. E. Merrill, Mr. C. H. Kip, '83, Mr. J. G. Lathrop.

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