Fact and Rumor.

There is need of fresh sponges in the bowling alleys.

'88 and '89 Columbia each have Shakespeare clubs.

The Porcellian Club has built a racquet court behind its building on Harvard street.

The pool tournament at Leavitt & Peirce's will be finished on Tuesday night.

The Columbia freshmen pay their boat club subscriptions by installments.


The Advocate and Lampoon will each issue another number before Christmas.

There are over 500 names on the library petition; it is still in the Auditor's room.

A toboggan club has been formed at Orange, N. J. with a membership of 200. The slide will be 1000 feet long.

The Glee Club and Pierian were entertained by the Mayor of Portland in the most hospitable manner.

Odlin, captain of this and last year's Andover eleven, is going to enter Yale next year; also Germer, who won the 100-yards dash in the athletic games in 10 1-4 seconds, is to enter the Sheffield Scientific School.

The new method of determining the vibrations of tuning forks will be named after its inventor, the "Pulsford" method.

An attempt will soon be made to have the Mott Haven, Oelrichs, and Westchester cups photographed by Pach.

About 2,700 tickets were sold for the Yale-Wesleyan foot-ball game on the polo grounds, New York. Yale's share of receipts was $542.66.

Columbia has voted to abandon her "Triumph," or beer festival, and substitute for it something else, - at present a colossal theatre party is advocated.

The freshmen are getting down into fairly good shape in the boat, and seem to have good material. We have not heard of their accepting Columbia 89's challenge yet, however.

Twenty sophomores and freshmen have been suspended from the State University of Wisconsin for refusing to attend military exercises in extremely cold weather.

The Yale freshmen, at a class meeting on Wednesday night, decided to abandon their custom of "flag raising" forever. These occasions have always caused much disorder, and the faculty decided that unless this year's junior promenade was unaccompanied by these demonstrations, the promenades should be abolished.

The records of the original chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, which was located at William and Mary College, have been found. This disposes wholly of the tradition that the organization sprang from a society in Oxford University. Chief Justice Marshall belonged to the original society, and Elisha Parmalee brought to New England the charters of the Yale and Harvard charters. - Ex.

If all reports are true, young Beecher, the phenomenal quarter-back of the Yale foot-ball eleven, has had a very profitable season on the field. I am informed from very reliable authority that the boy's father promised him $25 apiece for every touch-down he would make during the season. The indulgent parent rejoices in his son's notoriety, which has cost him the sum of $400, as the youngster scored sixteen touch-downs. - Globe.