The Shotgun.


The matches of the Shooting Club on Wednesday last attracted the largest number of contestants and spectators that has been present at any meeting this year. The shooting in the first match was brilliant. It is seldom that the score sheets show such a result as that obtained yesterday, when the four leading men broke 37 out of the 40 pigeons shot at. The falling off in the scores of the subsequent matches is accounted for by a sudden change in the wind, and by the increasing darkness.

The summary of the meeting follows:

MATCH A. 10 clay pigeons, open to all. F. S. Palmer, '87, 10; F. B. Austin, '86, 9; W. Austin, '87, 9; H. M. Clyde, '88, 9; F. S. Coolidge, '87, 7; F. S. Meade, '87, 7; W. H. Slocum, '86, 7.

MATCH B. 10 clay pigeons, open to all. W. H. Slocum, '86, 8; F. S. Palmer, '87, 7; F. B. Austin, '86, 6; M. H. Clyde, '88, 6; F. S. Coolidge, '87, 5.

MATCH C. 10 clay pigeons; prizes to be awarded to those who have won no prizes in previous matches of the club. W. H. Slocum, '86, 7; F. S. Coolidge, '87, 6; F. S. Palmer, '87, 6; W. Austin, '87, 5; H. M. Clyde, '88, 5.


MATCH D. 5 pairs doubles; practice match. W. H. Slocum, '86, 7; W. I. Allen, '86, 5; F. B. Austin, '86, 5; F. S. Palmer, '87, 5; W. Oakes, '87, 4.