FROM a sonnet in the Williams Athenaeum:-

"And fern and harebell bowed in wavy grace,

For that she deigned to notice them at all.

The tufted moss a velvet carpet lay,

Proud if her rustling dress might even touch;


And where, perchance, her springy footstep fell,

It shrank abashed, as having asked too much."

THE Yale Faculty has forbidden the Nine to play outside of the limits of New Haven during term-time.

The private police officer who patrolled the Yale College grounds has been convicted of "immorality" and discharged.

As many of the "sweeps" - apparently Yale for scout - have been caught thieving, the Courant fears that property will be very insecure.

THE habits of the students in the mixed colleges may be imagined from the subjoined extract from Madisonensis:-

"One of the young ladies of Syracuse University is suffering from a severe attack of small-pox. A number of others are in quarantine, having exposed themselves to this loathsome disease by kissing the patient before her condition was known. Of course this has no connection with the fact that numbers of the gentlemen of the Institution are anxiously watching their symptoms from day to day and restricting themselves in regard to diet."

AMHERST is beginning to realize that boating is a luxury only to be indulged in by the wealthy. An enthusiastic graduate had promised to raise $500 for the purpose of erecting a boat-house for the College, but when called upon for the money, he was unable to respond. His course of action has disgusted the Student, which frankly states that the students cannot afford to contribute $1000 per annum for their amusement, and that if the alumni do not come forward, the Amherst crew must cease to exist.

THE Cambridge Journal was amalgamated with the Oxford Journal in October, 1875, and the two great universities now publish a single weekly, called the Oxford and Cambridge Undergraduates' Journal.

There are 504 Freshmen at Oxford. Of the twenty-two colleges, New College has the largest number, - 63; and 49 are unattached. At Cambridge the Freshmen are more numerous. In seventeen colleges there are 681. Of these St. John's has 109, and Trinity 159.

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